Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Affordable Fall

I love Fall -- in my humble opinion, all good things come with this season.  I have a minor conniption when I see the heaven-sent sign telling me that "The Pumpkin Spice Latte is Back!" (while my bank account weeps a little) and I love the cool breeze at night that causes you to shiver and cuddle up a bit closer under the covers; but most importantly, I love Fall because it is definitely the most fun season to dress for.  With the departure of Summer's sweltering heat, I can layer elements of my outfits.  Layering makes outfits much more interesting - for instance, the other day I wore a navy blue and white striped round neck top, a v-neck sweater in a neutral over top of the tee, and topped it all off with a brown blazer.  In the summer, I would have settled for the blue and white striped top and called it a (boring) day, but in the Fall, the possibilities are endless. 

The other main reason that I love fall is because I get incredibly pale - I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I am almost see-through during the months of October through May - so the rich colors that are often associated with Fall are much more complementary to my skin tone.  Even for women with darker complexions, I find that most women look better in rich tones than in screamingly bright or muted pale tones.  
Rich Fall

Today I wanted to focus on these rich tones and also keep the look easy on the wallet - the entire outfit can be purchased for a total of $143 - which is incredible, considering that I know many women who would spend that just on the jeans alone!  Don't be afraid to mix a couple of warm tones together!  I used quite a few different colors in the outfit but look how well they combine with one another - step out of your comfort zone a little - you'll be glad you did - it will open your mind to the creativity and fun you can have with your outfits this season.
$9.50 - forever21.com

UO Leather Wrap Bracelet
$14 - urbanoutfitters.com

Slub Knit Corsage Tank in Cream
$15 - forever21.com

Fab Basic Jeans
$15 - forever21.com

Enamel Raindrop Post Earring
$14 - urbanoutfitters.com