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Closet Overhaul – Includes consultation discussion & 2-hour closet-styling session.
  -  Discuss existing wardrobe from a fit, style, and color perspective
  -  Assist in categorizing clothing into 3 groups: Items that should remain in wardrobe, donation items, and items to be thrown away
  -  Create new outfits from existing pieces with photo guide of newly-created outfits for future reference

Wardrobe Shopping Session – Includes consultation & 3-hour, 1-on-1 shopping session.  (Ideal service after Closet Overhaul)
  -  Discuss wardrobe needs from a fit, style, and color perspective
  -  Create “Pre-shopping plan” including targeted wardrobe items and stores fit your budget, body type, and personal style
  -  Accompany client to stores and advise throughout shopping process
  -  Offer unbiased feedback throughout shopping process

New Wardrobe Consultation – Combines Closet Overhaul and Wardrobe Shopping session.  Approximate time ~5 hours and can be split into separate days. 

A la Carte – Inquire for additional information.

What to Wear Layouts – Offerings available:
General, Monthly Layout Subscription – Once monthly mailing of “What to Wear” set.  This subscription is the same for all who receive the monthly mailing.  Sets will differ month-to-month in terms of subject matter (family, couple, engagement, etc.) and types of clothing (summer, winter, dressy, casual).   <<< COMING SOON!
Unique Set – Unique set created specifically for customer, based on number of family members, seasonal preference, clothing style preference, and budget. 

Photography Client Consultation
Discussion of style, clothing preferences, and clothing budget in regards to (depending on family, individual, or couple - length of consultation will vary)