Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hi guys, hope you have all recovered from a lovely holiday - just in time for more celebrating tomorrow night for NYE!  I put together today's outfit because I wanted to show you how to wear a pattern.  I know some of you might not feel comfortable wearing patterned pieces, but the skirt below from Anthropologie is good for first timers or those uncomfortable with a statement piece; reason being - it is mostly made up of darker colors and the print is small-ish, so it doesn't attract as much attention as say... a zebra print.

Patterns + Color

I picked this ivory ruffle top from J. Crew because it works well with the colors in the skirt and has a little flare (aka ruffle) at the top, but it doesn't detract the attention away from the skirt.... and that's just what we want, because the skirt should be the star of the outfit.

I'm not a huge fan of mixing patterns, and I know some people can pull it off, but I prefer that the other pieces in the outfit add to the beauty of the skirt, instead of them competing with the pattern.  I picked two options to wear over the ivory top - a nude colored sweater or a black boyfriend blazer with rolled up sleeves.  Both would be great, it just depends on personal preference.  If you are looking for a more relaxed feel, the sweater might be better - but for a day at the office, you might opt for the blazer.  The little suede beauties are from Nine West and are on sale for only 30 bucks right now - score!  They bring a little more interest to the table than say, a plain black leather heel (and for thirty dollars how could you pass them up, come on!).  For the accessories, I added a yellow flower post earring from Anthro to bring out the bits of yellow in the skirt, and a "melon" colored bag.  Both pieces add a bit of brightness to the otherwise muted tones in the outfit and picks up the pink/orange/yellow colors in the skirt.

Items in this set:
Forever cardigan, $90,
Kelsey ruffle top (ivory), $88,
Whizbang Mini, $88,
Joezee Shoe, ON SALE FOR $30!,
Filtre Knit Boyfriend Blazer, $39,
Peyton Leather Carryall in Melon, $358,

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thrifty Thursday - NYE Edition 2

Hey guys - a quick post from me today because I am getting ready to head to my sister's house to spend Christmas Eve with my family, but I put together another thrifty NYE outfit, in case last week's didn't float your boat.  This dark aqua dress is so pretty and unexpected.  I love the sparkly detail on the shoulders and pulled that dark grey shimmer into the shoes from Payless.  I picked some sparkly accessories to give the rest of the outfit some shimmer to go along with the shoulders on the dress, and a black shawl to keep you warm while traveling to your NYE party of choice.  One piece of advice - I would pick that dress up ASAP because I have a feeling it will sell out quickly!  Merry Christmas to everyone!


Items in this set:
Semi-Circle Shoulder Dress, $24.80,
Fioni - Lattice Chop-out Platform, $27,
Envelope Clutch, $28,
Dark Metal Knot Necklace, $7.80,
Leatherette Rose Studs, $6.80,
Black Scarf, $10,
Total for outfit: $104

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Color Explosion

I'm sick of drab winter, I am ready for color.... maybe some of you are, too.  Below is a great outfit for a dinner out or a day at work, the cream sweater makes it more work appropriate, but the shirt itself would be good for drinks after work or a nice dinner out.  I found this beautiful orange top at J.Crew - the detailing at the top is a fusion between flowers and ruffles - perfectly romantic.  It is a bit of a splurge item, but the top could go throughout the seasons and from office to night out - when a piece is versatile, it is worth the extra money.  I like the muted tones for the rest of the outfit, and then for a complementary pop of color I found this goooooooooooorg navy bag.  If you're not a nerd like me, you might not know that orange and blue are opposite on the color wheel... which is why these two colors work well together.  Also, the blue is a little less in your face than the orange satin top, so they don't fight for the attention of the eye, they just play off of each other for a very put-together chic look. 

Orange + Blue

Items in this set:
Petite Annalise ruffle cami - J.Crew, $70
Women's Belted Wrap Cardigans - Marshmallow White, $30,
Pintucked trousers - gray herringbone, $60,
Nine West Rocha Pump, $79,
Pink Studio Lupe - Navy, $80,
Lotus Ring, $4.80,
Knotted Stud Earring Set, $3.80,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pretty in Purple

Hi there blog world - Happy Christmas week to you all - I am enjoying my time off from work by formulating yummy outfits all week and really enjoying it!  I have been looking for a sweater dress for the blog for a long time.  This purple one is a little pricey but such a pretty color, I couldn't pass it up.  If you could afford the splurge, it would be a good investment piece.  You would be able to wear it throughout the year, since it is a pretty season-neutral color and has mid-length sleeves.  For the cold winter months, I would put a thin tight brown turtleneck underneath - the layering creates depth to the outfit, keeps you warm, and looks pretty darn cute, too.  Make sure you find a tighter, thinner turtleneck or you will end up looking bulky.
Preppy Cute

I found the scarf and *knew* the sweater dress was meant to be.  The colors in the scarf could not be better or more perfect to go with the sweater dress, and it is so preppy but so perfect with the supple brown of the bag and the shoes - makes me feel like you should be going out on a stylish foxhunt.  I know it might be a bit matchy-matchy, but it looks so sophisticated.  For accessories, the watch is the ever-stylish Michael Kors oversized, which I adore.  This watch goes really well with the richness of the rest of the outfit.  The gold ring is interesting, but not too interestin that it overpowers the simple nature of the rest of the outfit.   The boots and the bag are in the same color family and are perfect offsets to the purple and gold colors in the other pieces of the outfit.

Items in this set:
Athleta Vitis Sweater Dress in Fig Purple Heather, $128,
Silky long sleeve turtleneck top, $20,
Women's Glaze by Adi High Heel Ankle Boots : Target, $37,
MICHAEL Michael Kors Midsized Chronograph Watch, Gold, $250,
Wendy Culpepper Fiore Gold Ring, $64,
Plaid blanket scarf - purple plaid, $25,
Bargerstock Purse, $45,
Brown tights, $6,

Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

Well... it sure is cold outside for those of you blessed with the 20 + inches of snow over the weekend!  So, I told you all yesterday about how I am moving to Prague in a few weeks, and I have been thinking about/dreading the bitter cold that I will have to face, and since I know some of you are facing that right now, here is a layered and warm look, while still looking cute (even if you are sort of "marshmellow" looking - it is still possible to look cute!)
Cold Weather

The North Face coat is intense, but like I said in one of my original posts, if you live in a climate that necessitates a huge down coat, for the love of your body, get one with a belt to give you a figure!  The gold color of this coat makes it seem a little more "pretty" than just practical, too.  I found these adorable houndstooth rainboots and figured they'd be perfect for the slushy mess that awaits you once the snow starts to melt.  The outfit is a simple pair of jeans that can easily be tucked into the boots, paired with a cute and bright coral sweater with a simple brown top underneath - layers are crucial in the winter months because you can easily adapt to the indoor/outdoor temps.  I found some cute coral beaded earrings and a simple gold bracelet to top it off.  The piece de resistance, however, are the rollable (!!!) ballet flats that you can toss into your purse and switch into once you get safely to your destination!  No need to clomp around in your wet boots, just whip out your cute little wristlet that safely houses a pair of awesome goldish flats - seriously people, this is quite the invention.  This pair is a $29 well spent - these are also good for a wedding, or a night out with friends when you know your new killer high heels will literally be killer to your feet by the end of the night.

Items in this set:
Isotoner Stretch Leather Glove - Brown : Target, $18 -
Single Crochet Beret, $5.80 -
THE NORTH FACE Women's Caroline Coat, $299,
Houndstooth boots - Rsvp Aster, $64 -
 Hailey Crossbody Bag in Mahogany,, $298
Women's Perfect Cardigans, $20,
Women's Surplice V-Neck Tops, $17,
Junior's Slouch Straight 504™ Jeans - Show Stopper, $35,
Spare Soles Metro Line Foldable Flats, $29,
Polished Hinge Bangle$6.80,
Stone bead hoop earrings, $2.80,

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thirfty Thursday delayed - NYE

Hi guys!  Sorry for the lack of posts last week - it was a crazy week.  I found out that I will be moving to Prague, Czech Republic in about 6 weeks for work!  Wow!  So since I found that out, I've been working on a ton of details and doing lots of research - couple that with lots of last minute Christmas shopping and it created a busy week.  The point here is, I have a Thrifty Thursday post... only it's Sunday, but who cares!  I had a request for a new years eve outfit - and I know some of us need to be thrifty after Christmas shopping, so here is a relatively budget friendly but totally glam NYE outfit.  I will probably do another NYE post this week that won't be as thrifty, but will give you another idea if today's doesn't mesh with your personal style.  You work on finalizing those NYE plans and I'll work on finding you the perfect outfit.

NYE Thrifty Thurs 1

I am not a total sequin lover in every day life, but for NYE you have GOT to have sequins... it is seriously the only day of the year (maybe other than halloween) that you can get away with it and look glam.  I found this really nice sequin (and racerback) black tank from Wetseal.  It would look so chic tucked into this satin waisted black skirt from Forever.  I took the patent peep toe pumps and clutch from last week's Thrifty Thursday (these pieces are very versatile) and found a little rough studded bracelet from Forever to accessorize, along wth some simple black rhinestone hoops.  The bracelet is good for the outfit because it is in the same color scheme but it's a total diferent style from the pretty jacket - so it blends in, but still creates interest in the outfit.  Now onto the jacket - isn't it so pretty?  I found this at Forever21 also, and thought it would be perfect for the cold weather.  I would take it off as soon as I made my entrance so you can show off that sequined top.  Since there is so much pizzazz to the outfit, I would keep a natural lip and then do a smokey eye to complement the dark colors in the outfit.

Items in this set:
Sequin Racer Tank , Wet Seal, $21
Luxurious Shag Jacket,, $32.80
Satin Contrast Skirt,, $17.80
Women's Mossimo® Vida Peep-Toe Pumps - Black Patent : Target, $19.99
Payless ShoeSource - Accessories - Minicci - Callie Clutch,, $14.99
Glam Rock Studded Bangle,, $7.80
Rhinestone Trim Hoops,, $5.80

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

I am super psyched that I checked our Forever21's jewelry stock today because, you guys (!!!!!!!!), I found the necklace below at Forever21 and it is only NINE DOLLARS! If you're an Anthropologie fan, you will know why I am so thrilled about the price - because Anthro sells a very similar necklace for $48!!!  This is really exciting to me (if you couldn't tell by the exclamation points and capitalization) and an amazing thrifty find.  Okay... I'll take a breather and move along to the rest of the outfit - so, I found this super cute skirt, also from Forever21 and I love all of the detail in the skirt - it really adds a luxury feel to this outfit.  The top is just a simple black tunic that I would tuck into the skirt.  It is the perfect simple complement to the skirt and a great backdrop to showcase the goooorg necklace.  I love these patent peep toes from Target, and right now they're on sale for 20 dollars, which is a pretty great price for these classic beauties.  The clutch is also patent and I found it at Payless.  Lastly, I found a silver and black ring to accessorize the outfit a tiny bit more, without taking away from the necklace. 

Holiday Party

If you like the necklace, snatch up all three colors before they sell out, because I have a feeling other thrifty shoppers will see these and die over the great price - also a great gift idea for your girlfriends!  Happy almost weekend, friends.

Items in this set:
Grommet Knit Top, $17.80, Forever21
Ruffle Drape Skirt,  $22.80, Forever21
Women's Mossimo® Vida Peep-Toe Pumps - Black Patent,  $19.99 (ON SALE!), Target
Olivia Bead Frame Ring, $5.80, Forever21
Payless ShoeSource - Accessories - Minicci - Callie Clutch, $14.99, Payless
Pear Shaped Collar Necklace, $8.80, Forever21

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend Trip

I was thinking about packing for the trip we're going on next weekend and realized that I don't want to pay for checking a bag, so I should probably try to consolidate and just use a carry on - but this poses a problem:  How can I ever fit all of the things I want to wear into a tiny carry on bag?  I mean come on.. for a weekend I need at least 4 pairs of shoes, right!?  I am assuming everyone has this problem, so if you do, I can help you deal with this.  Plan your outfits ahead of time in order to be able to use the same pieces in multiple outfits to cut back on the number of items you need to bring.  I put together outfits for an entire weekend, from Friday daytime to your return trip on Sunday.  I carried the same pair of jeans throughout 4 of the outfits, and only brought 2 pairs of shoes - this cuts back a TON on the space needed in your suitcase.  Shoes are awkwardly shaped and can't be rolled up and shoved into the last tiny corner of your suitcase, so opting for the least amount of them is a good (albeit unfortunate) idea.  I also found one large purse and one smaller clutch.  The purse can be your "personal item" on the plane, so you don't have to make space to pack it in your luggage.
Weekend Trip

I am always cold in airports and on planes, so I am going to assume you are too.  I think its a good idea to wear a long sleeved tee and pants and bring a sweater so you can put it on or take it off, depending on the temperature.  The pants are a personal preference because one time, I made the decision to wear a long skirt to the airport... which happened to be the same day I was "randomly" chosen to go through the extra security with the frisking, the whole nine yards.  Luckily they had a female TSA agent there, but needless to say I won't make the mistake of wearing a skirt to the airport ever again.  The flats for the weekend are a good neutral so they easily go with all of the shirts I picked for the casual days (Friday day, Saturday day, and Sunday day).  I picked a beautiful coral colored sweater for Saturday daytime - good for a casual outing (shopping, lunch with friends, etc) and a neutral v neck sweater with a pretty green floral scarf for Sunday. 

I picked two "going-out" outfits for Friday and Saturday nights, carrying the same black booties through each outfit.  For Friday night I chose a more casual look, using the same jeans from the other weekend looks.  I found a super cute top from Forever21 with a pretty embroidered pattern on it, and a black clutch with gold detail from Aldo to give the look a dressier feel.  For Saturday night, I went a little dressier with this GORGEOUS blue drawstring dress.  I would pair this dress with black tights similar to how they dressed the model for the photo and the same shoes & clutch from Friday night.  The necklace is a gold knotted strand necklace from Forever 21.  You could also pack a few gold accessories to go with multiple outfits, like the following pieces:

For an entire weeked, you can get by on a small amount of items, as long as you plan ahead! 
Items in this set:
Women's Roll-Sleeve Henleys in Heather Oatmeal, $12,
Covered in Cables Cardi in Dark Yellow, $88,
Kelly Boot Cut Jeans - Citizens of Humanity, $150,
Merona® Madalena Suede Ballet Flats in Taupe, $20 -
Bargerstock purse, $45,
Leaf Silk Woven Top, $27.80,
Toyoshima Clutch, $30,
Steven Brant booties, $129,
Asymmetrical chiffon bow pullover in Sweet Papaya, $78,
Silk drawstring dress, $110,
Knotted Rope Necklace, $6.80,
Women's Perfect V-Neck Sweaters in Earthly, $23,

Women's Print Scarves in Green Floral, $13,
Weathered Stone Ring, $6.80,
Multi Chain Magnet Bracelet, $6.80,

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Comfy (and thrifty!) Thursday

I know there are days when you really just want to wear sweats out of the house, but you don't want to feel ugly.... I have those same conflicting feelings almost every weekend, but you can be very comfortable while still looking cute, and for a low cost :)  Today I found this really pretty knit swing coat - I picked it because I was trying to find a "stylish" sweatshirt, and stumbled upon this.  It's a pretty good representation of what I was picturing as a stylish sweatshirt, since it is the same knit cotton that a sweatshirt is made out of... but it is wayyyyy cuter than a sweatshirt! 
Comfy Weekend

I love the purple, it's a nice bright color when you're feeling drab.  It's a good style because if you're having a chubby day (and we know that every one has their chubby days), you can hide your stomach a bit, but still look really cute.  I paired the coat with a black flowy top from old navy underneath, in case you want to take the coat off, and it still allows the same comfort as the coat.  I found a nice pair of dark, affordable jeans from Old Navy, on sale now for $25.  The dark color is perfect - I am a big proponent of dark jeans because I think they make outfits look more expensive and dressy.  I found this pair of black and white tweed flats from Payless, at $16.99 I think these are a total steal.  Since the coat has 3/4 length sleeves, you might want some long gloves to keep the rest of your arms + your hands warm.  This pair has a nice knitted design and blends well with the rest of the outfit.  Lastly, to keep the look playful and add an interesting element, I found this really cool black mesh rosette headband.  I think this would actually be comfortable - I have  a problem wearing headbands, my sister and I actually discussed this today.  I can't wear them because the edges always dig into my head (ouch) and she can't wear them because her glasses don't quite fit over them - well problems solved, my friends, in the form of a cute mesh headband.  Enjoy this casual comfy outfit!

Items in this set:

Women's Roll-Sleeve Henleys - Black Jack,, $12
Loop Button Swing Coat,, $22.80
Women's The Flirt Flared Jeans - Rinse,, $25
Predictions - Boucle Fiona Ballet Flat,, $16.99
Merona® Long Gloves With Button - Black : Target, $10.99
Mesh Rosette Headwrap,, $3.80

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Icey Blue

Hi guys! I have seen a lot of ice blue lately and found this beautiful long cardigan at J. Crew that I love and wanted to share with you all. I think it is a color that could complement both dark and fair skin types, and blondes, brunettes, and red heads alike.  This sweater is good for all body types, because if you have some imperfections around the midsection, the sweater helps hide that, and because of the length, it helps elongate the body - especially when paired with a matchstick pant. 

I found this visually interesting necklace from Anthropologie - which I like because it has a variety of colors in it, so it can go with a lot of outfits.  I really like the punch of yellow at the tip of the necklace.

I paired the sweater with some black denim matchstick pants from J. Crew - these work well with the sweater because, as I mentioned above, it carries on the elongating effect that the sweater has.  I added a beautiful metallic leather bag, also from J. Crew, to give a little sheen to the otherwise cotton/flat fabric outfit.  I found a pair of nude (patent) heels to blend with the outfit - I like how they aren't very noticeable at first glance, but create a good contrast in the outfit at the same time since they're up against the black pant.  This pair of shoes would be very versatile in your wardrobe. 

Items in this set:
Corwin Sweater,, $90
Overdyed black denim matchstick jean -, $98
Trinitie Shoe, Steve Madden,, $90
Small metallic Georgie satchel -,  $258
Chamomile Necklace,, $48