Sunday, January 22, 2012

I have moved!

If you're seeing this post, you are now accessing my OLD blog.  As of January 22, 2012, I have migrated my blog to my new site   Please come visit over there!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Ramblings

I really wanted to participate in Friday's fancies this week because it was all about INSPIRATION!  I wouldn't be able to continue this blog or dress myself every morning without the overwhelming amount of stylish ladies that inspire me and fill my fashion heart with happiness on a daily basis.  HOWEVER, I had a day of craziness yesterday and was at work until 8 PM and back at it for a 7 AM conference call this morning, so instead today I will focus on a re-cap of my week:

-  I finally got a Spike the Punch Necklace, my choice was smoke grey and silver - how fun is this packaging and how exciting for her that everyone is gushing over these necklaces?

- I got LASIK last Friday and couldn't wear eye makeup at work this entire week.  I felt naked!  Have you ever had to go without makeup? How did you feel?

- I also had to sleep in doctor-ordered SUNGLASSES all week due to the LASIK!  It was seriously hilarious for Joe and I .. we called them my "Sleep Shades"... so you neeed a Friday laugh?  Here is a picture Joe snuck of me while I was sleeping my first night (mouth open in all my attractive glory! you're welcome)

- My coworker knew I was having a crappy day yesterday so she brought me a huge 20 oz hazelnut cup of joe from Dunkin' Donuts today (and I had already picked up a cup on my way into the office! double fisting!) - small things like that can really impact a person's day.  THANK YOU.

- Speaking of Cups of Jo, I never win anything, but I still enter Joanna Goddard's giveaways all the time.  Her Wednesday giveaway this week was for a beautiful $340 coat from Hatch, a maternity line.  I entered in the off chance that if I won, I could gift the coat to my sister who is expecting her second child in June (it's a girl!) and guess what!  I WON!!!!  I was so thrilled to receive the news (not to mention an email from Joanna Goddard herself) yesterday afternoon in the midst of my crazy work day.  Thank you Hatch AND Joanna for being so generous!

- I have been LOVING Victoria's Mini Alt week series on vmac + cheese this week - if you're a blogger, you should check it out.

- I met my girlfriends at a newer restaurant Abigail Street last night after I left work in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.  They had already ordered and the cheese plate was one of their picks - how cute are these cheese flags?

- I have my work year-end celebration tomorrow evening at Jeff Ruby downtown.  Free {delicious} steak + wine?  Don't mind if I do!

I hope you all have had a lovely week - what are your plans for the weekend?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Howdy, Partna

I created today's Thrifty Thursday post with a little help from our friends down south.  I was inspired by the gorgeous scarf below from (gasp!) Old Navy.  There are a bunch of gorgeous, rich tones in the scarf, so I pulled a few of them out into other layers of the look (deep blue of the dress, rust into the tights, and a borderline obnoxious dose of yellow for the nails) to create depth and interest.  You can get this whole look for under $150!!!  Can you even believe that?
 One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six - Seven

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dress Heaven

I've got a few events coming up this year and I am really needing to add some new dresses into the mix.  The 2012 calendar includes multiple weddings that I will attend as a guest, as well as a bbridal shower + bachelorette party + rehearsal dinner + wedding of which I am a bridal party member!  (So I am not lyin' when I say I need to up my dress game this year)!

In the process of my hunt for the perfect dresses, I've found four that have my heart going "pitter patter".   Dress #1 makes my list because of the eye-catching color and the back detail (but offset by the length so as not to look too scandalous), Dress #2 catches my eye because of the gorgeous slate blue color and the open back, which works for small chested girls like me.  The third dress would be PERFECT for a night time event, classy but different, and peplum is making a huge comeback at the moment.  Lastly, dress #4 would be beautiful for a bridal shower or daytime event, but the price tag is a little steep for such a bold patter.

Which is your favorite?  Where would you wear each dress?