Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall: Menswear Edition

It has come to my attention that I have been extremely neglectful of my male audience.  Although there are only a handful of gentlemen that read my blog, I don't want to leave you out -- especially since we are on the brink of a new season, which is an opportune time to make a change to your style.  I picked out some of my favorite pieces for fall that could be staples in your wardrobe and be used to mix and match to make quite a few casual or more dressed up looks. 

Fall for Men

If there is one thing I could force every male to purchase, it would be a nice, sophisticated, beautiful pair of dress shoes (or better yet, two pairs: a pair in brown and a pair in black, if the piggy bank allows).  I can't tell you how much more professional a man looks when he has a sleek pair of shoes on with his well-tailored pants, compared to his pleated-pants (these will make you look fat), clunky-plastic-looking-fake-leather-shoe-wearing counterpart.  For the love of all fashion gods above, PLEASE do yourself a favor and buy a nice pair of dress shoes.  Oh, and maybe pick up a few of the other things above too.  Your wife/girlfriend/future girlfriend will thank you :)
Leather work bag
$170 -

All-Son New Military Jacket
$68 -

Silk/cotton/cashmere cardigan
$90 -

Speery Chukka Boot
$85 -

Nixon The Mellor
$160 -

Nike 'Capri II Mid' Sneaker
$60 -

$100 -

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall into it all

Fall is approaching (although it doesn't feel like it here in Cincinnati where temperatures are still hovering in the high 80's and low 90's) and I am thinking carefully about the items I want to add to my wardrobe for the new season.  There are some trends I am really not into, one in particular being the high heeled lace-up boots - sorry, it wasn't a good look when Timberland made them and they were featured in rap videos, and it's still not a good look.  I have always been a very classic dresser in the fall - I am drawn to rich colors and soft, comforting fabrics.  This fall, I've found some beautiful pieces that I am really excited about - and most of them won't leave my bank account crying for mercy.  Below I've laid out a few things that have caught my eye.

What do you have your eye on for this fall?  Anything you are currently feeling like you NEED?
Longline Silk Top
$33 -

Kimchi Blue Cutaway Cardigan Jacket
$58 -

Buffalo Chuck Shirt
$70 -

BDG Schoolboy Blazer
$78 -

Gap Always skinny cords
$60 -

Botkins Heels
$90 -

Large Canvas Bag
$25 -

$28 -