Thursday, January 28, 2010

Birthday Thursday

If you tuned in for the Thrifty Thursday post of the week, you'll have to wait another 7 days - sorry folks but it's my party and I'll post a ridiculously expensive outfit if I want to!  Yep - it is my 24th birthday today.  I cooked up the most beautiful/(personally) unattainable outfit that I would wear tonight if I had a money-tree in my backyard; however, since I live in an apartment building with an asphalt backyard, I'll just have to longingly stare at said beautiful outfit on my computer and settle for the Banana Republic Wrapdress I bought on sale last week as my dinner attire this evening.  Without further ado - here is my dream birthday outfit!

Birthday Outfit
Items in this set:
Tibi Long Sleeved Dress, Style #:TIBII20222, $345,
Juicy Couture Faux-Fur Cropped Coat , SALE FOR $139,
Christian Louboutin Hidden-Platform Pump in Bone, $795,
Gorjana Willow Bangles, $84,
Possibilities Citrine Post Earrings, $78,
Cream Ostrich Embossed Lotte clutch, $250,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

London Bridge is Falling Down

Next on the Euro trail is London!  There are two things I know for certain about London:  it rains a lot, and Burberry is headquartered there.  That being said, it is only fitting that my London outfit contain an umbrella and a burberry accessory!  My quintessential London outfit is preppy casual - created around the beautiful red trench coat that I found on (what a deal at only $75!).  The jeans are Hudson brand and they feature Hudson's trademark flap-buttoned back pockets (they also feature a tiny British flag on the back pocket... coincidence, or did I pick the jeans for this post because of that?  you will never know!)  I chose a simple white tunic from Old Navy to pair with the dark jeans and delicious brown leather Frye Riding boots.  This is an outfit that I could wear all the time - simple, but timelessly chic.  The gold knotted strand necklace adds a little glam to the outfit, and the two-tone Burberry watch is a sophisticated purchase that will last you through the years.  I picked a tortoise shell headband to continue the classically themed outfit and a navy leather Dooney & Bourke bag that you can either wear across your body or on your shoulder/arm; the bag is a great size/style for a day of sightseeing.... which leads me to my final part of the outfit: the umbrella.  I picked a clear umbrella because if it happens to be raining on your one day visiting London, you bet your butt you want to see EVERYTHING and your umbrella better not get in the way!  With your clear umbrella you'll be able still be able to see Big Ben without getting your hair wet :)

Items in this set:
Tie-Belt Tunics in Bright White, $27,
Wear in the World Jacket, $75,
Check-Engraved Bracelet Watch, Two-Tone , $475,
Short Knotted Chain Necklace, $28,
Karina French Couture Headband Tortoise, $7.50,
Maxine Campus Frye Boots, $298 ,
Dooney & Bourke Dillen Satchel, $235,
Collin Skinny Jeans with Flap Pockets - Hudson, $200,
Rainkist Clear Bubble Umbrella, $17,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

French Vineyard

The next stop on my Europe destinations list is France - specifically a vineyard in France.  This suits me much better than yesterday's trip to Greece, as I am very good at drinking wine (much better than my tanning skills).  The dress is beautiful and has every color of nature in it - even the purple of the grape trees.  The gold cardigan would be a good replacement for a jacket because it is heavy (read: warm) but still complements the dress in a feminine way. If you wanted to, you could cinch the waist with a belt. I considered this, but I think that the waist of the dress is defined enough that it can stand on its own.  As far as accessories are concerned, I love the green ring because it brings out the color from the dress in a subtle way.  The ruffle shoe is called Cognac, which is coincidentally a region of France where that specific type of Brandy is made (you didn't bargain for a geography lesson today from moi, did you?  especially given my track record).   Put all the pieces together and you have a beautiful, romantic, nature-inspired outfit for the french countryside.

France Vineyard

Items in this set:
Silence and Noise Marled Cocoon Cardigan in Old Gold/Birch, $48,
Kimchi Blue Print Chiffon Sahara Dress in Birch Speckle Dye, $58,
Mossimo Cognac Valda Ruffle Flat, $24.99,
Minckler bag in Taupe, $42,
Lucky horseshoe ring, $35,
Floral Locket Necklace, $4.80,

Monday, January 25, 2010


I have a confession to make.  I am seriously geographically challenged.  Due to this fact,  I have been having visions of grandeur - such as me sitting on a hotel room patio overlooking the blue Mediterranean in my bikini sipping a cocktail some weekend in March... HELLOOOOO, earth to Lauren, a lot of Greece is the same latitude as like... North Carolina.  And news flash - it is NOT really warm there in March.... oops!

Anyway, I can still pretend I will be taking a Grecian vacation sometime while I am in Europe (maybe I will just push it out a few months), and if I were to do this, I would wear the outfit below.  It is relaxed, flowy, it is just perfect for Greece.  The pale pink dress gives a relaxed vibe because the color isn't shockingly bright, and the outfit is dressed up a bit with the gold sandals and gold/multi colored stone necklace.  The off-white tote could fit my massive D-SLR camera and enough guide books to keep me busy - perfect for vacation.  The sunglasses are a bit large but so glamorous - perfect for pretending you're a celebrity in Greece.  This outfit would look probably look best on a tan complexion, or you might run the risk of washing yourself out with the pale pink (so for those of you who know me/have seen me are probably saying 'keep on dreaming sister' because I am the palest of the pale, but if I can dream up my Grecian outfit, I can also dream up my tan bod!). 

Items in this set:
Jersey promenade gown in sheer lilac, $118,
Merona® Erina Thong Sandals in Gold Patent, $15,
MICHAEL Michael Kors Leather Tote, Vanilla White, $198,
Marc by Marc Jacobs Tonal Sunglasses, $85,
Johara Necklace, $48,
Wendy Culpepper - Fiore Gold Ring, $64,
Popover Posts in Purple, $28,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vespa Dreaming

I found out on Friday that while I am in Prague I will get to travel to Florence, Italy four separate times!  I've never been to Italy - it is somewhere I have always wanted to go - I am thrilled!  Since I heard that news, I have been envisioning myself zooming around on a Vespa through skinny streets in Italy (yeah, right, this is never going to happen - but a girl can dream, right?).  So last night I put together my perfect "Vespa Riding" outfit.  I picked some relaxed and slightly "destroyed" jeans from Forever, a cute sweatshirt material moto jacket, some trendy sneakers, and a cool grey messenger bag.  This outfit would be comfortable and practical enough to ride around on the Vespa but still cool enough to look stylish while doing it.  This week I am going to feature my pefect outfits for the various locations that I hope to visit while I am in Europe.  Enjoy!

Items in this set:
Off Kilter Track Jacket, $15.80,
Striped Ribbed Tank in Grey/White, $3.50,
Marlo Flared Jean, $27.80,
Skinny Vina Messenger Bag in Koda Grey, $152,
Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Mexico 66, $80,
La Mer Ombre Watch, $95,

Z1R Metro Helmet, $20,
Vespa Scooter, $3299 - $6899,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Going easy here today... a nice relaxed outfit for running errands or meeting the girls for lunch on the weekend.  The length of the shirt makes it look girly, while still having the preppy and classic look to it (love the "tuxedo" detail!).  The jeans are a simple slim bootcut pair, a good balance to the width of the shirt.  I love this little trench from Old Navy, and although $49.50 might not seem like a steal for Thrifty Thursday standards, you really won't be able to find much else in the trench arena for that good of a price - to put it in perspective, most stores sell their trench coats for 150-200 dollars, so $50 is a small investment to make (although I will add that if you do have the money to splurge, spending $200 on a nice, lined trench is a really good idea because a classic trench will never go out of style, seriously).  The flats have a cute ruffle detail to carry the girli-ness through the outfit.  The croc clutch is so classy and chic - the dark brown color looks very rich.  Lastly, the necklace and ring are both pretty simple but still have some glam in them- exactly what the preppy outfit needs. 

Thrifty Thursday 1.21
Items in this set:
Crinkle Pintucked Woven Shirt, $17.80,
Women's Belted Trench Coats in Khaki, $49.50,
Saddle Stitch Bootcut Jean, $27.80,
Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Odell Ruffle Ballet Flats in Mushroom, $12.99,
Intricate Petals Ring, $3.80,
Croco Accordian Kisslock, $15,
Knotted With Attitude Necklace, $5.80,
Total cost of outfit: $132.69

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Menswear made easy

The oxford shoes for women have been showing up for a while now, but I was never too crazy about the style because I hadn't given any thought to how to wear the shoes.  I just wrote them off as something I wasn't interested in, but then decided to be more open minded when a friend of mine saw the shoes below on Nine West's website and asked how she could wear them, and put together this look, which I am actually quite fond of.  The jeans keep the outfit looking relaxed and not stuffy, the classic sweater, watch, and bag add sophistication to the outfit, and the necklace adds a little girly flair (which is necessary when your shoes look like something you borrowed from your dad - in a cute way, of course!)  So if you're interested in rocking the oxford style shoe, keep your look classic, but make sure to add some girly elements to keep from looking too "buttoned-up". 

Items in this set:
Double-breasted shawl cardigan - true navy, $70,
Patch & repair easy straight jeans - dark, $80,
Garmen bag, $50,
MICHAEL Michael Kors Horn Jet Set Watch, $195
Button cuff striped T  in grey, $20,
Pretzel Drape Chain Necklace, $6.80 ,
Boutique 9 Brazen shoes, $150,

If you don't love the shoes featured above, there are a ton of styles out there.  Another one that I love is from Steven line by Steve Madden - the wing tip style is a little more dressy than the style above, but just as wearable (Melin $100).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Looking forward

Hey guys!  Happy Thrifty Thursday - thought I'd mix it up a bit and give you a little respite from the cold weather thoughts and have you look forward to all of the beautiful things you will get to wear in a few months (or right now, if you're lucky enough to be viewing this website from a warmer climate than the majority of us).  For today's thrifty thursday, I put together a very simple, soft, and pretty outfit.  The dress is from Old Navy - it's been on the landing page of their site for the last week or so.  I would add another layer of color with the green scarf... maybe place it somewhere like on the handle of your purse so it doesn't take away from the simplicity of the dress.  The gold earrings and sandals keep the relaxed vibe of the dress but make it feel a little more dressed up and fun. Keep yourself busy during the rest of this frigid winter by finding fun outfits to look forward to ... you'll thank yourself in a few months when you have a fresh wardrobe!

Summer Chic
Items in this set:
Women's Drawstring-Waist Tunic Dresses - Stormy Sky, $30,
Women's Merona® Erina Thong Sandals - Gold Patent, $15,
Merona® Tote - Brown, $27,
Women's Print Scarves - Green Floral, $14.50,
Norma Metal Tear Earrings, $2.80,
Enameled Metal Aviator Sunglasses, $18,
Total for outfit: $107.30

Monday, January 11, 2010

Simple Black Dress

My friend contacted me over the weekend needing help with a wedding outfit for the end of February in Charleston, SC.  She has a simple black halter dress from J. Crew, and wanted an interesting heel and accessories to add some pizzazz to the outfit.  She also wanted the shoes to be more wearable than a evening sandal, something she could wear again.  I put together 6 options for her , trying to keep the cost reasonable.  Below you can see the options I put together for her.  Try to guess which one she liked best - and tell me which ones are your favorites!  These are great examples of how to keep a simple black dress interesting over the years and many events you will wear it for.

Items in this set (from left to right, top to bottom)
Jewel Trim Tweed Jacket, $35,
Pashmina Shawl, $9.99 - (both black and silver are from Shoe Station)
Slinker Scarf , $15,
Cotton cady Madeleine dress - J.Crew, $195
Panout Heel in Brown/Brown Suede, $79,
Hambert Heel in Yellow Python, $49.99,
Fawson Heel in Taupe, $90,
Trinitie Heel in Midnight blue, $57,
Yessa Heel in Black Leather, $130,
Flawwles Heel in Plum Suede, $99,
Frylay Bracelet, $10,
Pretzel Twist Bracelet in black, $5.80,
Woolhiser Bracelet in gold, $18,
Broad Square Ring in black, $5.80,
Surace Headband, $12,
Broad Square Ring in red,  $5.80,
Pretzel Knotted Bracelet in silver, $6.80,
Tear Looped Bracelet, $14.80,

Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekend Relaxation

You guys know I don't totally love the idea of leaving the house in sweats, but some days you just really don't feel like wearing "real" clothes, or you may be heading to Yoga but have to some errands to run first - so if you're going to wear the sweats, look cute!  I found some really affordable pieces from Old Navy (they have great quality athletic gear at a great price) and a splurger top from LuLuLemon (but it's probably worth it, as I have heard nothing but good things about LuLuLemon).  I think the hoodie from Old Navy is super cute, plus it comes in 8 or so colors - perfect to throw on top of your yoga tank.  The shoes are also from Old Navy and come in a variety of bright colors too - for only $20-ish dollars, these are great for running around town and since they come off when you get to Yoga class, so they don't need to be performance shoes, and for 20 dollars, you really can't beat the price! 

Yoga Day

The water bottle is environmentally friendly - made from BPA-free Tritan, health-safe materials - and 1% of the proceeds go to an Environmental cause - in this case, fighting the Global Water Crisis... I know, 1% isn't much, but every bit helps.  The headband and yoga mat are both also from LuLuLemon - I loved the purple headband to match the top and keep the hair out of your eyes during downward dog :).  Happy weekend, my friends.  Relax as much as you can!

Items in this set:
Women's 3/4-Sleeve Lounge Hoodies - I Feel Teal, $15,
Women's Yoga Pants - Black, $20,
Luon Headband, $9,
Kor Water Bottle in Orchid Pink, $30,
lululemon athletica - Gather Racerback*Org, $42
Women's Mesh Suede-Trim Sneakers, $20,
Align Ultra Mat, $28 -

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Simple + Elegant

You don't always have to have a flashy outfit to turn heads - today's post is a good example of that.  You also don't have to spend a ton of money - it is Thrifty Thursday after all!  Today I put together a simple work outfit that is quite simple, yet very classic.  I found the cream colored top at Forever21 and was really pleased with the button detail down the front.  I paired it with a basic brown pencil skirt (the quality of this picture isn't so good, but you get the idea) from Old Navy for $29.50.  Sure, at that price it might not be as nice as the $120 J.Crew pencil skirt, but it will do the trick until you grow that piggy bank enough to afford the J Crew version.  The shoes have got to look familiar by now, I've used them in a couple of outfits, and I still can't believe they're only $25 at Nine West - they're suede and beautiful - wear them while you can.  The cranberry colored purse is from Old Navy - my sister has one similar (if not this same version) and I was quite pleasantly surprised with the quality when I saw hers, so I think this is definitely worth the money.  Bonus - it adds some color to the outfit.  The necklace and earrings both are from Forever.  You know I love rosettes - especially when they're under $4.  This cream pair of earrings complements the top nicely, while keeping with the elegant theme.  The gold necklace adds a bit of sparkle near the face  so that the cream top doesn't wash you out - it's not necessary to have a necklace exactly like this if you're not crazy about all the chains, you could do something more simple - just use the necklace as a tool to bring attention to your face. 
Simple + Elegant

Happy almost friday - this week was incredibly exhausting and I am looking forward to some relaxation and blogging this weekend :) 

Items in this set:

Poet Chiffon Blouse, $19.80,
Women's Essential Pencil Skirt - Coffee Grounds, $29.50,
Joezee in Lt Natural Suede, $25,
Women's Faux-Leather Satchels - Bougainvillea, $19.99,
Pretzel Drape Chain Necklace, $6.80,
Flower Earring Set, $3.80,
Total for outfit: $104.89

Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow Bunny

Hi guys! Happy 2010 to all - hope everyone had a wonderful new year's eve celebration complete with the cutest outfit that made all the other girls in the room jealous!  I spent the night in eating pizza, watching football, and falling asleep on the couch with the BF before midnight - that's what a nasty cold will do to you, but I had a great evening anyway. 

Today I was looking for some inspiration for a new post, when my friend Brittany offered up the idea for a look fit for a weekend at the ski slopes.  I am certainly not a skiier, so if I were to head up into the mountains for a weekend, I'd be hangin' at the lodge with a warm cup of hot chocolate on a comfy leather couch.  That being said, I created the outfit perfect for the snowbunny spending her weekend in the lodge.  I found some warmer pieces, but also worked with layers in case you're spending time by the fire and need to cool off.  I paired thick (this is key) brown leggings with a cream colored tunic and a knit vest - the picture doesn't show the detail very well, but the vest has a beatiful woven pattern down the front on each side.  I say thick is key because although the tunic and vest cover your behind parts, some legs just weren't made for leggings, and the thicker they are, the better the coverage - this is better for everyone.  All together, these neutral pieces create the perfect backdrop for the beautiful accessories.

The preppy red, navy, and army green scarf was $60 at Abercrombie but is now selling for $19, what a steal!  I paired this with a simple navy knit beret from Forever to add another layer of color to the outfit.  The sunglasses are perfectly simple/chic if you decide to head out of the lodge.  The wrap watch is very unique, I've never seen anything like it, but I Loooove it.  Lastly, I am usually not an Uggs fan, but this crocheted pair won me over because I think it is just the perfect last addition that tops off the outfit.

Snow Bunny
Items in this set:
Truly Madly Deeply French Terry Scoop Neck Tunic, $38,
UGG Classic Argyle Knit Womens Boots, $140,
Classic Plaid Blanket Scarves, $19,
Double Wrap Gold Link Watch, $38,
Fab Crochet Beret, $5.50,
Bundle Up Leggings, $11.80,
Kyle Handknit Sweater, $79,
Morgan Sunglasses, $78,