Thursday, April 28, 2011


I need a little leopard in my life - but just a little - and not with a high price tag, so this F21 tank is perfect.  I don't think anyone would approve of a leopard tank in my office, so I would wear this for a night out instead. 

Wild Thing

Let the leopard be the focal point and pair it with a slim, cropped pair of green khaki pants, then offset the casual feel of the pants with a fierce pair of black leather heels; this will help pull together the entire look.  Add some subdued gold accessories and your favorite nail polish (red would be fantastic here too!) and you've got yourself a sexy little number for a night out.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Make Style, Not War

I remember when I got my first pair of bell bottoms from Contempo Casuals - the flair on the pant legs were so big that they fit OVER my sneakers (yes - you read that right, I wore my bell bottoms with sneakers in 7th grade - Lord help me).  I am not upset that this trend is coming back, in fact, I am jumping right on that bandwagon - only with a bit more sophistication this time around.
70s inspired

Gap has always made reasonably-priced, well fitting jeans and they'll be my go-to for wider flair styles this summer.  I like this dark-washed pair because they look very 60's inspired without looking cheesy.  When I style an outfit that includes a pant with a wider flair leg, I keep the upper half of the outfit slim to counteract the wideness of the bottom.  I would take a slouchy tee like this ASOS one above and tuck it in - making sure to add a belt or I'd run the risk of looking slightly unfinished.  The woven leather heels and beaded necklace pay homage to the 60's too (and the necklace is made of a variety of seeds - jaboncillo seeds, tagua seeds, acai seeds - how cool and hippie-ish!).

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Musing

I want to go here:

And when I am there, I want to wear this:

Grecian Dream
It's good to have an extravagant imagination, right?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer Wedding

Spring is flying by and the summer wedding invitations are pouring in.  Color is definitely A-ok for a summer wedding - your tan skin will look extra fabulous when you dress yourself in a rich hue with neutral accessories.   Take these two looks as inspiration for your summer events:

Summer Wedding
On the left, a gorgeous,showstopping, color-saturated Anthro maxi skirt.  Because of how amazing this piece is, let it be the standout piece and pair it with a neutral lightweight top. 
Complement the coral with a gorgeous aqua necklace and a few other neutral accessories.  Add some waves to your hair with a curling iron, some shimmer on your cheeks, and you'll have a dreamy, effortless look.

The second outfit is a bit more on par with "normal" wedding attire.  A simple pencil dress will be versatile in your wardrobe (good for work or play, depending on how you accessorize it), so it's a good purchase.  Make this dress a little more "fun" by adding some color in the form of a belt and jewelry.  Since color-blocking is super trendy right now, try another bright color for the belt.  Transition this piece into your everyday wardrobe by adding a jacket for a work-appropriate look.