Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bold Jewels

I am really liking bold, geometric jewelry lately.  I picked up the studded bracelet below before I headed out to Vegas last weekend and got a ton of compliments on it - both unique and affordable.  Check out the spread below for some other fun pieces that could give an otherwise drab outfit the jumpstart that it needs.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrifty Thursday 8.25.11

For today's edition of Thrifty Thursday, I started with this great, bright dress.  I immediately thought, "this is so 70's" and built the outfit around it, with the 70's in mind.  The braided collar necklace dresses up the otherwise casual cotton dress, and the brown heels give it a little more of a hippie vibe.  Pick up an oversized envelope-style bag and a fun colored nail polish for a $100, super chic look.

One | Two(F21 version Sold Out - Similar) | Three | Four | Five

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I love being a woman and embracing everything-that-is-girly in my everyday attire.  Do I ever let the "girly-ness" of my outfits reach past acceptable levels? Perhaps, but I know the cutesy dress and gorgeous heels are going to make me feel a whole heck-of-a-lot more ready for the day than I would be in a ill-fitting grey dress pants from the GAP {sense the animosity?} While I know I need to acquire some well-tailored, rich-hued trousers for the fall, all I can currently dream of are long-sleeved, feminine silhouettes for fall.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thrifty Thursday 8.18.2011

Just a quick budget friendly outfit for you guys before I start my weekend.  I am off to spend the weekend with my boyfriend's family and I also get to see my mom for a few hours!  Have a great weekend, wherever you'll be!  Total work appropriate budget look : $100!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kelly Gorney Photography: What to Wear, Family

Hello there! Today I am featured over on Kelly Gorney Photography's blog, with an outfit set for the entire family geared toward Fall family photos!  Featured below is a sneak peak of the set, "Mom's" outfit.  Head over to Kelly's blog (<< Click here) to check out the entire family layout.  If you live and NW Pennsylvania and agree to do a shoot using these outfit ideas, Kelly will give you a FREE Session* !!!!!!!!  Head over to her site now and check it out!

Also here's the link you can copy and paste into your browser if necessary

* Free session subject to terms and conditions located on Kelly's blog.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Prep School Primaries

Over the last few years I have really honed my personal style, and I now know that I generally tend to dress in a "classic" manner.  I am drawn to timeless, structured pieces and colors.  I often base my outfits in neutrals but build the color into the outfit in the form of accessories or additional layers of clothing. 

Today I started this look with a basic camel trouser pant and structured navy blazer - two pieces that will be wearable for years.  Since these pieces both had a very timeless feel, I wanted to add a bit of fun with the other pieces.  A simple, but detailed silk tank creates the basis for the addition of the mustard color sweater.  Wear the sweater buttoned halfway up, and as the final layer, wear the navy blazer open with cuffs pushed up to your elbows for a casual feel.
A feminine red ballet flat rounds out the primary color pallete and fits right in despite its shocking color because it is grounded by the camel pants.  Add a few classy accessories in the form of tortoise shell frames, two sparkly J.Crew jewelry pieces, and a neutral yet fabulous clutch and you've got yourself an outfit every gal will be envious of come the Fall.

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: 8.11.11

(And that includes the $14 nail polish ........ )

I am seriously feeling polka dots right now... I have about 75 polka dotted things saved to my Polyvore account, just screaming to be used in upcoming looks.  Today's look has a very retro feel to it with the cat eye sunglasses, the cigarette style pants and a sweet, layered blouse.  I would love to wear this for a Saturday of wandering around town - both stylish and comfortable - my kind of combo! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Steal Her Style

image via The Sartorialist

A bright and cheery look for your Summer Monday.  As usual, Scott Schuman took this gorgeous photo in Florence and I archived it, knowing it was a classic look that I'd love to recreate because it would be in style for decades.  I can see a woman from the 50's wearing this exact outfit (aside from the killer heels!).  The bright yellow and blue combination is stunning and perfect as the summer fades into fall.

One      Two      Three       Four(similar)     Five      Six      Seven

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reader Request: Collar Necklace

Amy sent me an email earlier this week because she recently spotted a gorgeous collar necklace but didn't pull the trigger for fear that she wouldn't know how to style an outfit around the necklace.  Have no fear Amy, there are definitely ways to make the collar necklace work in your wardrobe.  Below are 4 different examples of collar necklaces, and as you can see, they come in a wide variety, but the resounding theme is that they sit high on your neck, hence the name Collar necklace (and I like to think of them as a welcomed, updated version of our dear friend, the super 90's Choker) 

This style of jewelry can be a bit tricky, especially challenging are the styles that split in the middle of the neck, sort of mimicing a peter pan shirt collar.  The best advice I can give is to wear a top with a high neck; whether it be a high necked blouse or, in the case below, a high-necked dress, pick a solid color and allow the necklace to be the center of attention. 

Any of the above combinations would be perfect for a summer evening out, but you could also pair a silky high neck blouse with a mini skirt and heels as a dress alternative.  Amy - don't hesitate to make the purchase!  Just remember that a top that comes up to your neck is best as the backdrop for these artful pieces of jewelry.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reader Request: Military Blazer

For the first of my reader requests, I was emailed a picture of the military blazer featured below and a request.  Kelly loved the jacket and knew she had to have it the minute she laid eyes on it.  The trouble is that she only has one outfit in mind for the jacket, so she was hoping to get a bit more inspiration for this piece.

I put together two looks using the blazer and a stunning red and white striped lightweight Forever 21 sweater for two easy looks - taking this military blazer from Summer into Fall.

Kelly - thanks for your request! I hope you enjoy!
{September} Blazer | Sweater | Shorts | Wedges | Necklace
{November} Jeans | Necklace | Flats