Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fashion Final Four: Butler + UConn

Butler and UConn share the same school colors of navy and blue, so  I created one crisp look for the two.  This look would be perfect for a fan who wants to show her school spirit at the workplace without wearing a dowdy school-logo embroidered polo shirt (plenty of these show up at my workplace with the "casual friday"excuse - my worst nightmare!)

My favorite part of the outfit is definitely the white blazer.  Paired with this geometric print dress, the white blazer looks so fresh, and I especially love the "inverted lapel" detail.

Uconn Butler
ASOS tailored blazer
$117 - asos.com

MICHAEL Michael Kors tote bag
$248 - zappos.com

Bjorg rock earring
$118 - urbanoutfitters.com

Forever 21 Sunglasses
$6.80 - canada.forever21.com

JB by Julie Brown 'Ellie' dress
$125 - bluefly.com

$89 - zappos.com

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fashion Final Four: VCU

In our house, if there is a big basketball game going on, it's definitely on our TV.  Boyfriend was a college basketball player and will always love the game, so I try to share his interest and learn about the players and the game.  That way, we can discuss it instead of me just staring blankly at the screen for 2 hours.

Over the past few weeks, I have really, really tried to watch all of the march madness, but I think my brain has absorbed too much bball knowledge and is screaming for help, so today during the UK/UNC game, I got to thinking, "If I was a fan of one of these teams, what would I wear to show my team spirit in a more.... fashionable way?!"

Without further ado, this week I will be giving you a more fashionable option if you happen to be a lucky fan supporting one of the remaining 4 teams.  First up, Virginia Commonwealth!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

KGP - What To Wear

Hey guys!  Pleased to let you know that I am featured on Kelly Gorney Photography's blog today with another "What to Wear" guest post.  Kelly is kind enough to let me feature these "What To Wear" posts on her blog every so often - this is a great opportunity to show her clients how different outfits can work together and create a well-blended look for the entire family (no more boring jeans and white shirts for the entire family!!).  I put today's post together with a family of four in mind - head over to her blog now (click here!) and take a look!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nautical - All Grown Up

Nautical themed-clothing has been around, and popular, for as long as I can remember.  My mom loved blue, red, and white striped clothing so much that we almost had to have an intervention in the early 90's.  When I think of nautical-inspired clothing, it generally induces thoughts of more casual, summery pieces; but don't disregard the trend for your more dressed up looks.  You can adapt the trend for a more mature and classic look by adding the blues and reds in more subdued tones, and by using more upscale fabrics, like silk.  My basis for this outfit was this fantastic striped navy + white coat from Asos.  It's starting to warm up outside so I couldn't resist pairing the coat with a pair of ankle-length navy pants and a killer pair of burgundy heels and keep the accessories simple with a gold watch and some sparkly studs.  Keep this outfit in mind next time you're thinking about a trend - there are so many adaptations and variations on a particular trend - use your imagination to make it work for you and your lifestyle!

Classic Nautical

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: Budget-Friendly Shoes

I am a shoe lover, and while I wish every woman could own a pair of Chanel quilted ballet flats or classic black Louboutins, or even a "wear for a season or two" pair of over the top Alexander McQueen sandals, I know that most women can't afford these purchases.  While a lot of families and single ladies are still pinching pennies after the economic recession, it's important to keep in mind that you can still dress well without spending a ton of money.  Forever21 and Payless both have some cute shoes right now that will satisfy a variety of styles.  I know these shoes probably won't last more than a season, but for $20, who needs them to?    Here are a few of my favorites available right now (especially a pair that would fit in perfectly with my Color Block post from Monday!)

Here are the Forever21 Options:

Here are some cute options that Payless has to offer:

Which pair is your favorite?  Have you found any other really good deals on shoes lately that you want to share?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Neutrals + Pop of Orange

I am obsessed with this brown jacket from Anthropologie. The key to this jacket working for all body types is the ability to cinch the waist.  It keeps you from from looking like you're wearing a sack -=because it allows for your curves to be emphasized.  I think it is so chic and could be paired with a casual jeans + tee look but can also be dressed up - in fact, I like it better paired with more dressy pieces.  I think you'll enjoy this look below:
Neutrals + Orange

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Color Blocking

Many fashion bloggers have been posting from both NY and Paris fashion weeks over the past few weeks, and one particular trend I've noticed in their outfits is the use of "color blocking".  Color blocking is basically creating an outfit made up of very bold, solid colored pieces paired together - literally blocks of color.  Here are a few examples from bloggers at Paris FW:

In theory, these outfits don't seem to work, but in practice, the looks come out  looking pretty amazing.  As far as clothing stores, Zara is really leading the way with these brightly colored pieces for Spring, and it is also possible to find some options at Forever21.  Here are some pieces you can use to mix and match and create your own color blocked look :
 So what do you think? Do you have the guts to put together and wear an outfit like this?