Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This week I am trying to cure your workplace woes with some stylish clothing that is also office appropriate.  Similar to yesterday, there is another pop of color in this outfit, which helps keep your workplace attire from feeling drab and boring. The green blouse can also transition into weekend wear with a pair of flares or skinny jeans.  I posted a link to the Herringbone Pants earlier last week and tried them on on Saturday.  They are gorgeous in person and PERFECT for Fall.  I have a J.Crew gift card coming my way and those babies will be my first purchase!


The red and tan shoe just helps add another layer of color to this look but doesn't stand out too much against the neutral herringbone pant.  Keep the remainder of your accessories neutral to balance out the look.  I purchased the chevron necklace above last week and am OBSESSED with it.  It instantly dresses up any blouse!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Professional clothing can be tricky, can't it?  You want to look appropriate in order to receive the respect that you deserve, but you want to be able to express yourself and your sense of style at the same time.  The best way to strike that good balance is to build a wardrobe full of classic pieces, then throw in a few "fun" pieces to the outfit.

The bright pants serve as a super fun piece, but the pants are very well tailored and professional, so they don't give an inappropriate vibe.  The striped top is classic but still more interesting than a plain blouse, and the shoes are a stunning neutral black, with a little extra detail. Dressing for work doesn't have to be boring, just make sure you are striking a balance with your fun versus classic mix!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Running errands can seem so much less tiresome if you take a few minutes to put yourself together before you run out the door.  I know I have a pretty big reader base of Moms and I want to help you understand that dropping the kids off at school and grocery shopping can be so much more fun if you take 15 minutes to put together an outfit that makes you feel good.  Don't have 15 minutes in the morning to make a proper outfit?  Take 15 minutes after you put the kids to bed to check the weather for the next day and survey your closet for possible options, that way when the craziness of the day starts, you aren't grabbing your yoga pants and sweatshirt in a moment of weakness.  Heels not an option?  Find a pair of lower wedges or swap out the flair jean for a straight leg pant and wear flats instead!  Fashion has no strict rules and the opportunities are endless to make different looks fit your life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Unfortunately, occasionally we all have those crazy-busy days that require going from work directly to a night time event, and there is never enough time in the day, especially enough time to worry about two outfits and finding time to change.  The best thing to do when you're in a pinch and know you'll be running from the office to an evening event is to find a look that can go from day to night with ease - enter: dress + blazer/sweater combo.  When you get to your evening event you can take off the extra layer and be instantly more dressed up (and in this case, you could also take off the hosiery if it's warm enough outside!) - it is seriously that easy.

The dress above is a knock out, but can be toned down a bit with a neutral blazer and hosiery.  As for the remaining accessories, they're classic enough that they can easily transition from an office look to night-time appropriate.

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Monday, September 19, 2011


I have been lusting over faux fur vests lately, and think I've finally found one worthy of my $100-$150 price range.  It's hard to find faux fur that doesn't look too cheap or fake, but I think the one featured below looks full rather than stiff and flat, and it has realistic looking color to it.  The blouse is from Old Navy - I just purchased it on Friday and it is DEFINITELY worth the $30 price tag.  It's a gorgeous poppy color and the fabric is perfectly flowy for the oversized nature of the blouse. 

I would add a little interest to this outfit by pairing these gorgeous TARGET (!!) leather boots with a bit more glam Madewell clutch, while rounding out the look with a neutral nail polish and simple bracelet.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am currently obsessed with chambray shirts and leopard shoes paired with a colorful bottom {check with me in another 6 months and I am sure I won't feel the same way, but such is life in the world of fashion}.  The combination creates such a fun and playful look, and because of how trendy all of the pieces are, it is also SO easy to create the look on a variety of budgets.  Although I took all three bottoms in the example below from J.Crew, even Forever21 is selling similar pieces since the idea is so trendy.  You can also find chambray shirts and leopard shoes everywhere right now, so for a lower budget, try looking at Target and H&M, and for a higher-end budget, I love the Sam Edelman Alvin leopard loafers.

So tell me, which combo would you choose!?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


With it already being mid-September, I am thinking about all of the colors and pieces that I'd like to add to my wardrobe as I prepare for Fall.  At the top of my list are some new trousers and some rich hues like rust and navy.  I spotted the orange blouse below on Top Shop the other day and knew I needed to find a way to get it into my closet (it also comes in a gorgeous slate green color).  The detail is stunning and really makes the piece worth the slightly higher price than, say, an H&M blouse.  Also, the cut on this top is one that would work well on differing body types. Oh and that Birkin bag look-a-like? A cool $55.

What do you want to add to your closet this Fall?

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Monday, September 12, 2011


Black dresses are the quintessential closet staple.  They are the easiest piece that there is to use in an emergency dressing situation, and depending on how they are styled, they can be both dressed up or dressed down with relative ease.  Today I wanted to showcase a dressed up, classic look.  Lately, I have been really inspired by Krystal at This Time Tomorrow and I think this is definitely a look that she would rock (in fact, I think she has these shoes and sunglasses already!)

Friday, September 9, 2011


Inspired by images of the 60's, I created the mod look below, something I know Twiggy would have loved to wear in her time; and I know animal print is everywhere right now, but I still can't resist using it in small doses within my wardrobe (in a belt, shoes, a headband, or even a main piece if I am feeling really vibrant).  An animal print shoe is the perfect way to add some fun to an outfit.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thrifty Thursday 9.8.2011

I love how a good fitting pair of jeans can make a woman look and feel.  Such a simple staple, jeans have an uncanny ability to make women feel so sexy.  The current trend of skinny-through-the-knee but flared jeans paired with heels (whether they be wedges or stilettos) can create the look of long, lean, and sexy legs.  A structured blazer and a gorgeous tie-neck blouse dress up the denim a bit, and the bangles add another layer of color.  For a total of $146, you can create a layered, textured, and structured look!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Monochromatic (all one color) looks can be so sharp if done properly.  Either the colors in the outfit need to be exactly the same, or they need to only be in the same color family, but with differing shades and fabrics.  What not to do?  Wear two colors that are VERY close to matching but just a bit off - this will be very noticeable as a monochromatic fail.


Today I took a pair of classic navy trousers and paired them with a silk, flowy blouse in a lighter shade of blue.  To break up the look a bit, I pulled in a peach and blue silk scarf and a pair of camel colored stacked-heel shoes.  Round out the look with a bold red nail polish and a gold watch.
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