Friday, February 5, 2010

Casual Friday

If you know me, you know I think Valentine's day is a Hallmark Holiday and I don't really celebrate it with Joey, but I still love to dress for the occassion (shocker, right?).  So in the next week, I will be showing you different types of outfits to celebrate the holiday in, depending on what the day holds for you.  Today's Valentine's Day inspired outfit is fit for the casual, 'no big plans' kind of Valentine's Day.  I found the main clothing pieces from Forever 21 and American Eagle.  The jeans have holes in them, and I know that not everyone loves the idea, but with this outfit it really works because it looks a like "I just threw these on but I still look fabulous, don't I?"  (Nod with me here).  I adore the bra and underwear, and they are such good prices!  If La Perla isn't in your budget this year, definitely check out Forever's lingerie selection - I'll be doing a post on it in the coming days, but if you need something by Valentine's Day, check it out now!

The chuck taylor's are pinstriped !  How cool is that?  They add a bit more fun than the usual solid color chuck taylors, but still work with the relaxed feel of the rest of this look. 
Valentine's 2

Items in this set:
Lace Love Sweatshirt, $16.80,
Stripe Rib Tunic, $14.80,
Womens Straight Jeans - Painted Medium, $35,
Underwire bow bra in Navy, $8.80,
Lace and Mesh Boyshort, $4.80,
Button Heart Pendant Necklace, $140,
Converse Jack Purcell® Pinstripe LTT Ox, $65,

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  1. I think, no I KNOW, that I need this outfit. How stinkin' cute is that?!?! Oh, and Bryan and I don't celebrate it, either. :-) Well, granted, I still like any excuse to eat chocolate, but other than that...