Friday, April 23, 2010

To Chambray or Not to Chambray

That certainly is the question....
Multiple times in my life I've seen someone flaunting a Canadian Tuxedo (no offense to my Canadian audience) and I've shivered at the thought of wearing a denim shirt- it's really not for everyone, but the trend is back, so instead of avoiding it, I am going to embrace it.  I put together this spring/summer look based around the Chambray shirt.  I think I made it work, but like I said, it's not for everyone.  In order to pull off a denim shirt, you must make it look stylish, chic, classic - not frumpy or careless... and for God's sake please pair it with something other than a denim bottom.  Check out the look I put together below - see how effortless it looks, but how put together it comes off.  I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat... with my hair pulled back in a cute chignon ... sure, there's not a lot of color in this outfit, but that's what makes it work, the no fuss simplicity of it all.
Weekend Casual

Items in this set:
Chambray Boyfriend Shirt, $26,
Linen gazebo trouser, $98,
Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Wakeisha D'Orsay Braided Flat Sandals, $18,
Trokey Bag, $30,
Ray-Ban Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses, $140,
Faceted Bubble Cocktail Ring, $7.50,
La Mer Layer Wrap Watch, $98,


  1. I just made an outfit with a chambray shirt for my blog and used some of the same things! So funny. I'm glad you're back to blogging, and I hope you're enjoying Prague!!

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  3. The shoes are gorgeous. I'm still not sure I could pull this entire look off, but I like a lot of the pieces that you used to put it together.

  4. 原來這世上能跟你共同領略一個笑話的人竟如此難得..................................................