Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Airport Travel

Ok, so I know leggings aren't pants, and I preach this a lot... but there is ONE exception: Incredibly lengthy airplane rides. I know, I KNOW, you're shaking your head and saying "Lauren, it's an excuse. Leggings are NEVER pants!" Well folks, I guess I am breaking my cardinal rule today then, because as I type this I am sitting in the Prague airport in leggings.... as pants. Seriously though, when you have a 9+ hour flight ahead of you, leggings are going to be pants for the day. Which brings me to today's post - what to wear for a comfortable lengthy flight (note: I do not condone leggings as pants for flights < 6 hours).

I've been doing a lot of long-haul flights lately, so I consider myself somewhat of an expert at this point - here is my list of what I can't be without on a Transatlantic flight
  • Leggings - make sure they are thick so you don't look like you're wearing tights! 
  • Socks to keep your feet warm when you take off the stylish sandals
  • Scarf
  • Long sweater that covers your butt (the only way I allow leggings as pants)
  • Neck pillow - especially if you are stuck in the dreadful middle seat
  • Sleep mask - a girl's got to look fresh coming off that plane!
  • Cute passport cover - this faux alligator looks so chic. Not only is this an accessory, but it also helps your passport from getting beat up. My sister bought my first pretty red passport cover and I love it.
  • Accessories as needed that don't interfere at security line... I prefer to keep this light on a travel day, usually only wearing post earrings and my David Yurman cable cut bracelet that never comes off my wrist

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Pins and Needles Ruffle Back Cardigan
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Deux Lux Oversized Asymmetrical Hobo Bag
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Set of 3 Metal Knot Studs
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Abstract Animal Oblong Scarf
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Jalda Croc Passport Cover
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Homedics® Sqush™ Go® U-Neck Pillow
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Juicy Couture Leggings
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  1. Love the passport cover ;-) Especially since I bought it. I cannot wait to see you! And, you can pull off leggings as pants! Cute and comfy flight outfit!

  2. Oh, my. This just got me thinking about (obsessing about!) what I'm going to wear on our flight from Austin --> Minneapolis --> Amsterdam --> Prague. Uh-oh.

  3. a sweater that covers your butt is a must if you are going to attempt the leggings as pants look!

    but seriously, they are pretty chic and comfy for long airplane rides. i wore them when kiwi and i flew to thailand this summer. that is one LONG plane ride.

  4. love this, especially because it makes me think of traveling! love the sandals. xo!

  5. Thanks for the comments! I wish I was setting off on a flight somewhere requiring leggings! I was bit by the travel bug when I lived in Prague and now I can't stop thinking about my next destination (and the clothes required!)