Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Courtney and Lee are ENGAGED!

My dear friend & sorority sister, Courtney, recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Lee.  I am incredibly thrilled for them!  I talked to Courtney the other day and she told me that they are currently in the process of planning their engagement party in the couple's hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia.  I jumped at the chance to throw together a few outfits that I know Courtney would look amazing in (even if she claims to not have the Summer tan that she wishes she had - girlfriend, Loreal Sunless tanner can work wonders).

I don't know how many of you have heard of Rent The Runway, but if you haven't heard about it, you're in for a treat!  This website was formed not too long ago and offers their members the ability to rent a dress (and they will send it to you in two sizes to ensure it fits - for no extra charge) for a small fraction of the real cost.  If you are like me, you probably reluctantly shell out the cash for a new dress for each occassion you have (unless it is the token black dress that can be worn repeatedly) and cringe when you see it hanging in your closet 2 years later, knowing it was only worn once.  Well, Rent the Runway solves that problem - you can pick your price range and see the variety of options they have available - their current inventory is pretty large!  Since Court and Lee are probably going to start saving their pennies for the married life, I picked three dress options (and even a necklace and a bracelet, too!) from Rent the Runway.  Courtney will be able to save a little money but still look fabulous.

Courtney's Engagement

Courtney's favorite color is black, so one of the options is a beautiful and classic black dress with a portrait collar.  The heels I picked to go with it are so stunning (can you tell I used a closed toe version for the open-back dress?) and I picked an interesting bracelet to jazz up the outfit a little.  I also had to pick two other options with some color - it IS summer!  The middle dress would be really nice on Courtney because she has beautiful long blong hair, which would complement the orange and golds I chose.  The necklace in this outfit is also from Rent the Runway.  The furthest left dress is definitely the most daring, but also the most fun!  I have been drawn to this dress since the first time I saw it on the website because it is so different.  It will definitely attract the attention that Courtney should get on her special night.  Because the dress has a lot going on, I kept the accessories rather minimal so they would not take away from the dress.  The hammered gold cuff is from Rent the Runway ($10 rental!) and the beautiful purple earrings are from Anthropologie and play up the purple in the dress nicely.

Court - no matter what you pick to wear, I am sure you will look great and have a wonderful night with your family and friends.  Congratulations to you and Lee!

Glint 'Gillian' Sandal
$90 - nordstrom.com

Fawson Shoe
$90 - aldoshoes.com

$90 - aldoshoes.com

Etienne Necklace
$25 - renttherunway.com

Water Droplet Posts
$30 - anthropologie.com

Spice Me Up Dress
$75 - renttherunway.com

Calla Lily Cap Sleeve Dress
$50 - renttherunway.com

Portrait Collar Dress
$150 - renttherunway.com

Gold Hammered Cuff
$10 - renttherunway.com

Thigpen Bracelet
$20 - aldoshoes.com

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