Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall: Menswear Edition

It has come to my attention that I have been extremely neglectful of my male audience.  Although there are only a handful of gentlemen that read my blog, I don't want to leave you out -- especially since we are on the brink of a new season, which is an opportune time to make a change to your style.  I picked out some of my favorite pieces for fall that could be staples in your wardrobe and be used to mix and match to make quite a few casual or more dressed up looks. 

Fall for Men

If there is one thing I could force every male to purchase, it would be a nice, sophisticated, beautiful pair of dress shoes (or better yet, two pairs: a pair in brown and a pair in black, if the piggy bank allows).  I can't tell you how much more professional a man looks when he has a sleek pair of shoes on with his well-tailored pants, compared to his pleated-pants (these will make you look fat), clunky-plastic-looking-fake-leather-shoe-wearing counterpart.  For the love of all fashion gods above, PLEASE do yourself a favor and buy a nice pair of dress shoes.  Oh, and maybe pick up a few of the other things above too.  Your wife/girlfriend/future girlfriend will thank you :)
Leather work bag
$170 -

All-Son New Military Jacket
$68 -

Silk/cotton/cashmere cardigan
$90 -

Speery Chukka Boot
$85 -

Nixon The Mellor
$160 -

Nike 'Capri II Mid' Sneaker
$60 -

$100 -


  1. Excellent choices! And I totally agree about the shoes. Nothing is worse than a guy trying to pull off his college Doc Martins as dress shoes ;-)

  2. Hi Lauren, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad to have you as new reader :)