Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Work Outfit

Hello to my lovely readers, Happy Veteran's Day!  I have the day off today and am enjoying drinking coffee on the couch and catching up on all of the amazing design blogs that I don't have time to read during a normal week.  For you today, I have a bargain of a work outfit comprised mostly of budget-friendly options from Forever21.  The foundation of the outfit is a simple black tank, black pencil skirt, and black round toe heels.  These are basic wardrobe pieces that will be worn over and over in a work wardrobe - pieces that every single gal should have.  Granted, the Forever21 pencil skirt and Payless shoes are not going to be as well-constructed as, say, J.Crew options, but many of us do not have budgets that include $150 dollar J.Crew pencil skirts..... so instead we buy entire outfits for $125

For those of us with champagne taste on a Natty Light budget, we forge ahead with Forever 21 options. The part of this outfit that really makes it special and put-together is the olive green ruffled sweater jacket. I know ruffles scare some people, but these are big, billowly ruffles. They aren't fussy at all, but they are still feminine - and the coat just looks so comfortable, doesn't it? The last part of this outfit that makes it a little more special than what some of your co-workers might be wearing is the tights. In the winter, bare legs are definitely a no-go.... pick up some interesting tights (but not sexy - e.g. fishnets) for the office to make your regular pencil skirt outfits a bit more exciting.


  1. Love it, as usual. The ruffly top is wonderful... and the accessories/tights might have to make their way to my house this winter.

  2. Love the jacket. It's a well put together outfit.