Thursday, January 20, 2011

Steal Her Style

With the turn of the new year, I've been digging for new inspiration - for my life, my home, and my wardrobe.  One source of constant inspiration (and I know I've mentioned him before but he is just so, so good!) is The Sartorialist blog.  I've been stockpiling inspiration photos, and many of Scott Schuman's have made their way into my files.  Starting this week, I'll be featuring a new post each week called "Steal Her Style", where I'll take an inspiration photo and re-build the outfit for the average woman. 

The first week's post comes from, of course, the Sartorialist.  This photo was shot in Milan.
Image via The Sartorialist

We've discussed the color wheel many times on this blog, and she is a perfect representation of how well that color wheel guides us - she is doing the classic "opposite sides of the wheel" look here with the mustard yellow blazer and the fuchsia scarf... a match made in heaven.  Here's how you can get the look, too:


  1. Great idea for a weekly post! I will definitely be looking forward to it! And I love those boots!

  2. Gorgeous!!! I found your blog randomly and have to ask are you from Meadville?

  3. hey Nicole, no I am not, but my boyfriend's family is. If you are asking because of the Kelly Gorney photograph, she is my boyfriend's sister and snapped some awesome photos for me in 2009.