Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Neutrals + Pop of Orange

I am obsessed with this brown jacket from Anthropologie. The key to this jacket working for all body types is the ability to cinch the waist.  It keeps you from from looking like you're wearing a sack -=because it allows for your curves to be emphasized.  I think it is so chic and could be paired with a casual jeans + tee look but can also be dressed up - in fact, I like it better paired with more dressy pieces.  I think you'll enjoy this look below:
Neutrals + Orange


  1. I love the orange dress! I'm going to get me one + a tan. :)

  2. Shoes and purse are definites! I ::think:: I could pull off the dress, but who knows ;-)

    Great set!

  3. ooo love this outfit! your blog is way cute. <3

  4. Thank you Ruby Girl! Thanks for stopping by!