Monday, March 14, 2011

Nautical - All Grown Up

Nautical themed-clothing has been around, and popular, for as long as I can remember.  My mom loved blue, red, and white striped clothing so much that we almost had to have an intervention in the early 90's.  When I think of nautical-inspired clothing, it generally induces thoughts of more casual, summery pieces; but don't disregard the trend for your more dressed up looks.  You can adapt the trend for a more mature and classic look by adding the blues and reds in more subdued tones, and by using more upscale fabrics, like silk.  My basis for this outfit was this fantastic striped navy + white coat from Asos.  It's starting to warm up outside so I couldn't resist pairing the coat with a pair of ankle-length navy pants and a killer pair of burgundy heels and keep the accessories simple with a gold watch and some sparkly studs.  Keep this outfit in mind next time you're thinking about a trend - there are so many adaptations and variations on a particular trend - use your imagination to make it work for you and your lifestyle!

Classic Nautical


  1. I am in love <3 The blouse and the jacket are perfect! and the heels, oh the heels! They are gorgeous! And I love that you are talking about fitting a trend to your style. I think often times I try to fit myself into the trends. I'll have to think your way from now on.

  2. i've been debating all week about whether or not i should buy that striped jacket - too funny! loving that rebecca minkoff bag as well, it's so classic-looking

  3. Very pretty! LOVE those shoes! OH MY!