Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4th of July Lookbook (Day 2 of 3)

For day 2 of my 3-day 4th of July Lookbook, I wanted to cater to those of you in a cooler climate. As I am sure you have seen around the blogosphere this season, red pants are super in right now.  Here is a perfect opportunity to incorporate them into your wardrobe, and look in-style and patriotic all at once!

For this look, I was channeling my inner Jenny from Forrest Gump, as something about this outfit feels very hippie to me, but in all the right ways.  The airy and delicate top is light enough for Summer and creates a good contrast against the more preppy, bright red pants.  I am digging cat eye sunglasses here, even though they are from a different era.  Add a pop of another color (and round out your R, W, and B color scheme) with this different blue-hued polish.  Lastly, the slightly-heeled gold gladiators and simple earrings polish off the look, adding a bit more glam to the casual feel of the rest of the outfit.


  1. I like your sunglasses. I think cat eye sunglasses should be just the right amount of outrageous. I don't want to have to dress up like Gaga to wear my sunglasses.

  2. I agree, Emily. Some are way too big for my taste, but I think these are just right. I've seen them on someone and they looked great! Here's a link to a style blogger who wears them :