Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pump it Up

I've been loving the look of a blousy, boxier top paired with more fitted, higher waisted bottom.  I found this striped cream and navy top and knew it would look classic but fresh when paired with a pair of cognac colored pair of shorts.  The look has a casual, but still put-together look (read: you take your clothes seriously, but not TOO seriously).

I wanted to add a touch more liveliness to the outfit, so I threw in a bright yellow accessories in the form of the American Apparel clutch (yes - I am obsessed with this clutch right now and yes - I did also include two versions of it in yesterday's post).  Add another subtle color in the form of nail polish because it is a super easy and affordable way to add some color to your outfit, and you can change it as often as you want!  Round out the accessories with my favorite leather studded Gorjana bracelet in Navy and a pair of oversized sunglasses.

Are you also loving the AA clutch seen all around the blogosphere?

1 American Apparel leather clutch bag, $58 | 2 Shop Ruche Striped top, $33 | 3 Seamed Front Short $35 | 4 Urban Outfitters Sunglasses , $14 | 5 Crystal Earrings, $17 | American Apparel Nail Polish, $6 | 7 Studded Sandals, $69 | 8 Graham Leather Studded Wrap Bracelet $55

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