Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Monochromatic (all one color) looks can be so sharp if done properly.  Either the colors in the outfit need to be exactly the same, or they need to only be in the same color family, but with differing shades and fabrics.  What not to do?  Wear two colors that are VERY close to matching but just a bit off - this will be very noticeable as a monochromatic fail.


Today I took a pair of classic navy trousers and paired them with a silk, flowy blouse in a lighter shade of blue.  To break up the look a bit, I pulled in a peach and blue silk scarf and a pair of camel colored stacked-heel shoes.  Round out the look with a bold red nail polish and a gold watch.
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  1. Love the pants, and that shirt looks so breezy and comfortable. I just love your take on classic style.