Tuesday, September 13, 2011


With it already being mid-September, I am thinking about all of the colors and pieces that I'd like to add to my wardrobe as I prepare for Fall.  At the top of my list are some new trousers and some rich hues like rust and navy.  I spotted the orange blouse below on Top Shop the other day and knew I needed to find a way to get it into my closet (it also comes in a gorgeous slate green color).  The detail is stunning and really makes the piece worth the slightly higher price than, say, an H&M blouse.  Also, the cut on this top is one that would work well on differing body types. Oh and that Birkin bag look-a-like? A cool $55.

What do you want to add to your closet this Fall?

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  1. Cute! Sometimes I wish I could shrink you to pocket size so I would always have you shopping with me! Ha! Even though I'm a SAHM now, I still like to look put together but feel out of the style loop sometimes :-) Thanks for the inspiring ideas! Jerilyn

  2. Haha! Thanks Jerilyn! Glad you've enjoyed the posts lately. And you can still look great even if its in a SAHM appropriate jeans and a cute t-shirt look!!

  3. For my closet this fall I would love to get a navy blazer, a tie neck blouse and a bright pair of pants!

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it.
    The outfits are amazing!

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Thank you Amanda! Happy weekend to you, as well! Thanks for stopping by :)