Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New York Inspiration

On Friday, Joe and I jetted off to New York to spend the weekend in the city as a surprise birthday gift for his 29th birthday.  We had a wonderful time full of eating including BRGR, Levain cookies, Grom gelato, a visit to the Meat Hook in Brooklyn (Have you been? it is owned by my brother's best friend Brent and is an absurdly awesome cooking/butcher store), and a trip to Almond restaurant... a lot of splurging, but since I eat clean 90% of the time, these splurges were OK and I am back on the healthy eating wagon this week!.

I spent a lot of time eye-ing up the women of Manhattan to see how they handled the cold weather.  Although it was a gorgeous high-50's day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday were much colder and the city sure bundled up, but the women still looked great.  Of course, as New York as it is, there was a LOT of black, but it looked so good.  Black will never go out of style, it goes with everything, and it looks chic.

It's evident in my blog that I love color; however, I do think that it is a lot easier to get ready to face the day when it is FREEZING outside if you can just throw on a black outfit (maybe a bit of color around your face) to trudge to work.  Without further ado, here is some New York City inspiration for your Tuesday!  (P.S. The boots are only $45!! You're WELCOME!)

One - Two - Three - Four - Five

Oh and one more thing - I FINALLY got my hands on a Spike the Punch necklace (Happy dance!!!!).  If you've been trying to order a necklace, you should follow her on facebook because she always posts when she adds new necklaces to Etsy so you can grab one up right when she posts them!


  1. Looks so warm and cozy! Tatum has a coat that looks just like that, too! If only it were my size....

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time in NYC! I also snagged a Spike the Punch necklace last night as soon as she tweeted about it! So excited!

  3. Yay Ashley!!! We can both blog about our newfound treasures. I am soooo excited!

  4. Kel - Tay is one stylin' lady. Now we need to get her some rad suede boots huh???

  5. The boots are extremely cute and so fashionable. And this is primarily a look a woman at any age could wear, well maybe a more boot cut pant for older women. Love it, love it, mom

  6. love everything you chose! especially the sweater.