Monday, June 28, 2010

Fourth of July!

For my American readers, the Independence day holiday is right around the corner.  I am so lucky to be able to celebrate this day with my closest friends + lovely boyfriend this year because I am flying back from Prague for the weekend!  If I had more time between now and the holiday, I would definitely be purchasing the simple red and white striped cotton dress from Aubin + Wills and pairing it with the navy basketweave clutch from Banana Republic.  I would keep things more neutral in the rest of the outfit by adding a knotted bracelet (for only 5 bucks!) and brown belt to cinch the waist of the flowy dress, as well as neutral (but still an interesting design) sandals.  For the guy - I love these brown Oakley sunglasses and the relatively affordable Timex watch.  The red,white, and blue dress shirt is also from Aubin + Wills and would look perfect paired with the navy shorts from J.Crew.  All together, these looks are patriotic while still looking casual and stylish for a weekend BBQ.  What are you planning to wear for your 4th of July plans?
4th of july
Silverdale Dress
49 GBP -

Steve Madden Sysco
$49 -


Timex Core Camper
$40 -


Sailor Knot Bracelet
$5 -


BDG Waist Belt
$20 -


Ardingly Shirt
98 GBP -

Sun-faded Stanton short
$60 -

Nubuck Flip Flops
$38 -

Basketweave clutch
$60 -

Men's Oakley Sunglasses
$140 -

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