Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cool Off

I was searching for inspiration the other day when my co-worker told me she was looking for a way to stay cool at work while still looking put together and polished.  It's been incredibly humid and hot all over the US lately, so I am sure many of you are looking for ways to wear less while still looking professional.  The best way to stay cool is to opt for skirts or cropped pants instead of full length trousers.  Skirts (if worn at the appropriate length) look very professional.  If you're lucky enough to work in a more business-casual setting, you can even get away with wearing skirts with pretty patterns in order to keep your work attire interesting.  I went with a floral print skirt from Anthropologie at a reasonable $68 and then kept the rest of the color scheme neutral in order to not cause too much of a stir in the office.  The ruffled vest from Madewell is an awesome find because it gives the outfit another layer (which makes it more interesting to look at) while still being light and not covering the arms and creating unnecessary heat.  This vest comes in 4 colors and I would buy one of each if I had the extra cash right now!  Under the vest I would put a simple, COTTON tee.  This one is from J.Crew and has a nice scoop neck to elongate the neck and create a taller appearance.  Cotton is important because it is a breathable fabric and will help you maintain a cooler body temperature.  I don't condone polyester under any circumstances, but especially not in the summer!  Add a few simple, neutral accessories (love the initial necklace for only $18 from Urban Outfitters) and you've got yourself a sophisticated outfit for work.

Stay Cool at Work

Legère Ruffled Vest
$62 -

Woodblock Print Skirt
$78 -

$75 -

Reflecting Pool Earrings
$24 -

Serpent Chain Trim Bracelets
$4.80 -

Delicate Initial Necklace
$18 -

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  1. The vest is gorgeous and the skirt is perfection. I love the ok, I LOVE IT ALL! I think I need to wear this right away. Your sense of style never ceases to please me!