Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday's Fancies: 10.14.2011

Hello lovelies!  We've finally reached the end of the week, and alas, another Friday's Fancies.  This week I put together a fall-inspired look filled with rich browns, oranges, and purples.  I love the look of a flowy mid-length skirt + knee high boots, especially in this fall color palate.  This floral skirt below is sold out, but I want you to understand the idea behind this skirt so you can spot one and understand the value in it. This type of skirt could be dressed up, but it could also be worn more casually (think ballet flats) and will work with a variety of different tops because of all of the gorgeous colors in the skirt.  The J. Crew coat is a splurge item, but if it is well taken care of, the coat will last (and be in style) for many, many years.

I am linking up with {av} over at {Long Distance Loving} for Friday's Fancies!

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  1. I love this outfit and I love that skirt! I try it on everytime I pop in ON but it just never looks right on me ... Boo!
    Happy weekend!