Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Guys, can you believe it is NOVEMBER?  I really cannot... seems just yesterday I was soaking up the sun on a warm July day.  It's going to start snowing soon and I will probably cry.  I think I get a bit seasonally depressed.... but you know what turns that frown upside-down? The HOLIDAYS!  I love Christmas so much.  Everything about it makes me smile - the music, showering other people with gifts, the cookies, spending time with family, the parties.... DRESSING for the parties!!!!!  So let's get down to business.  You'll probably have some holiday parties to attend, so I can help you crack the riddle of what to wear.
First step, pick out a fun dress, preferably one that can be worn outside of the holiday season.  This Zara green dress could be worn throughout the year, but is also perfectly jazzed up for a holiday look.  Since you'd most likely be cool without anything covering your arms or shoulders, this faux fur shawl is glamorous and rich looking - perfect for dressing up a look.  Lastly, add some glitzy accessories to top off and dress up the look just a bit more.  Follow these three steps and you'll easily put together a seasonably-appropriate party look!


  1. OOOOH LA LA!!! I wish I had somewhere fancy to go so I could sport this entire ensemble! LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  2. I love that dress; and you are so right that it could be worn for so much more than just the holidays. I also really love the soft rose of the purse.

  3. Love this fun mix. The emerald dress is stellar!
    Bring on the holidays .... Just not the cold!