Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Sorry for the radio silence, my dears.  I was too busy enjoying the lovely holiday and stuffing my cheeks full of turkey and apple crisp to think about outfits :)

This past weekend, I realized I've been wearing the same outfit lately in a variety of different ways.  It consists of the following items:
I've got the market cornered on striped shirts, so it's possible I could wear this outfit for the rest of Fall and Winter, but I digress.  Here's how you can create my favorite "go-to" look for this time of year!

1 ) Coat $19 2) Striped Top $60 3) Jeans $60 4) Moccasins  $20
5) Wellies $120 6) Earmuffs $40 7) Scarf $58  8) Nail Polish $8


  1. Love this look. Especially with the moccasins mixed in!

  2. This also looks like a universal outfit, meaning women of any age would be able to wear it (with bootcut jeans instead of skinny). Thanks for the tips.