Monday, November 21, 2011

White Tee - Day One

Happy Monday! This week, I wanted to focus on an item that almost ALL of us have in our wardrobe:  The White Tee (um, $7?, buy 5 of them!).  This piece is such a versatile, basic piece of clothing and is often overlooked when putting an outfit together.  Throughout the week, I'd like to embrace the white tee and show you how easy it is to incorporate into your look and still look polished and stylish!  Later in the week, I'm excited to feature Liz from 26 and Counting, and also I will show you a white tee look for the man in your life!

To kick things off, I put together a casual, daytime friendly look:

The white tee is a perfect backdrop for an earth-tone inspired look.  The true-blue straight-legged cuffed jeans look so "all american" when paired with the classic white tee shirt; make the look a little more interesting with the addition of the caramel colored boots.  Layer another earth-tone into the outfit with the addition of the green multi-pocket cardigan.  Wear the cardigan open and add a scarf around your neck, which pulls another layer, pattern, and tone into the outfit.  Top the look off with a lush, butter-soft orange folding clutch from my favorite K.Slademade for a stylish lady-on-the-go look!


  1. Very cute! Love how you put it all together!

  2. Love this look. And love even more that the jacket is hoodie material!