Monday, August 15, 2011

Prep School Primaries

Over the last few years I have really honed my personal style, and I now know that I generally tend to dress in a "classic" manner.  I am drawn to timeless, structured pieces and colors.  I often base my outfits in neutrals but build the color into the outfit in the form of accessories or additional layers of clothing. 

Today I started this look with a basic camel trouser pant and structured navy blazer - two pieces that will be wearable for years.  Since these pieces both had a very timeless feel, I wanted to add a bit of fun with the other pieces.  A simple, but detailed silk tank creates the basis for the addition of the mustard color sweater.  Wear the sweater buttoned halfway up, and as the final layer, wear the navy blazer open with cuffs pushed up to your elbows for a casual feel.
A feminine red ballet flat rounds out the primary color pallete and fits right in despite its shocking color because it is grounded by the camel pants.  Add a few classy accessories in the form of tortoise shell frames, two sparkly J.Crew jewelry pieces, and a neutral yet fabulous clutch and you've got yourself an outfit every gal will be envious of come the Fall.

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  1. It is pure perfection. I would wear every single piece in a second. I LOVE this. Now I just need to win the lottery so I can go buy it all!

  2. I love this SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect!

  3. the mix of colors is great! especially those red shoes!