Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reader Request: Collar Necklace

Amy sent me an email earlier this week because she recently spotted a gorgeous collar necklace but didn't pull the trigger for fear that she wouldn't know how to style an outfit around the necklace.  Have no fear Amy, there are definitely ways to make the collar necklace work in your wardrobe.  Below are 4 different examples of collar necklaces, and as you can see, they come in a wide variety, but the resounding theme is that they sit high on your neck, hence the name Collar necklace (and I like to think of them as a welcomed, updated version of our dear friend, the super 90's Choker) 

This style of jewelry can be a bit tricky, especially challenging are the styles that split in the middle of the neck, sort of mimicing a peter pan shirt collar.  The best advice I can give is to wear a top with a high neck; whether it be a high necked blouse or, in the case below, a high-necked dress, pick a solid color and allow the necklace to be the center of attention. 

Any of the above combinations would be perfect for a summer evening out, but you could also pair a silky high neck blouse with a mini skirt and heels as a dress alternative.  Amy - don't hesitate to make the purchase!  Just remember that a top that comes up to your neck is best as the backdrop for these artful pieces of jewelry.

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