Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Comfy Weekend

It's wednesday and I am really looking forward to the weekend.  I get so sick of wearing heels and skirts and uncomfortable dress shirts - often times I day dream about the possibility of wearing warm sweaters and jeans to work... maybe I should let my boss know that I would be more productive in comfortable clothes... "No, of course I wouldn't fall asleep!" ... I digress.  I was thinking today about a preppy/comfortable/casual weekend outfit for the fall... I've got something perfect for all of you that want to look cute on the weekends but still feel warm and comfortable.

I'll tell you something I love... stripes.  I don't wear them too often because they're really not that flattering, but as a layer underneath something else, they add a preppiness and visual interest to a casual outfit.  Take for example, this striped shirt from the Gap.  Anything with the word "Supersoft" in the name of it... sign me up. This tee will be the basis for the outfit - I like it because the grey and white stripes aren't too overwhelming.

Supersoft Rubgy T,, $19.50

Add a layer on top, especially if you aren't comfortable with the horizontal stripes, and to add some depth to the outfit.  With the grey/white combo, I love this "warm maize" cashmere sweater from J. Crew (don't you feel more comfortable already, just reading this!?)

Cashmere Cardigan V-Neck,, $168

You could wear the sweater buttoned or unbottoned.. I think it would look good either way.

Now... I found these jeans today and I think they are so perfect for weekend casual.  A really nice rich color, without being too dark.  They are also a really good cut that would flatter all body types and would be good with heels or with flats.  If you are going to wear them with flats, I recommend getting them tailored to the proper length.  Cuffing pant legs to shorten them can work for a period of time, but eventually the bottom will fray and you will end up with a hole in jeans where the cuff was - aggravating!

Emma Boot Stretch in Dark Contrast,, $80

Last piece of the puzzle to round out the preppy-comfy look is these Driving Mocs from J.Crew.  They come in a variety of colors, but I like them for this outfit in the Chocolate color.  It plays off the richness in the sweater and the brown buttons on the sweater.

Montobello Leather Driving Mocs in Chocolate,, $98

The pefect accessory to top the outfit off, and also to add another dimension of color to the outfit is this Dillon Satchel from Dooney and Bourke.  The burgundy color would blend well with the brown and dark yellow in the rest of the outfit, without being too matchy (something like a dark brown bag that matched the shoes might be a little boring). 

Dillon Satchel from Dooney and Bourke,, $235

I'll be back tomorrow for some Thrifty Thursday finds.  Enjoy your Wednesday evening - we're halfway through the week!


  1. OMG. This outfit is SO ME!!!! I bet you already knew that, though ;-) Love ya!

  2. I love this bag...just my size ;-)