Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thrifty Thursday ... deal finder edition!

Hi All!
Thought I would mix it up a little this Thursday and give you tips for where I find my best thrifty (and still fashionable!) deals... so that you can too!

Work pants - BANANA REPUBLIC!  This place is a goldmine for sales on dress pants.  I have 5 pairs of pants from Banana that are on a heavy rotation in my Mon-Fri wardrobe and they all came from the sale rack at Banana for under $35.  I can admit I have a problem... I probably stop by Banana once per week to check the sale rack.  However, I would advise to steer clear of the dresses and shirts on their sale racks because they don't mark them down very far.

Workout Clothes - TJ Maxx.  People don't often think to shop here for workout clothes, but they usually have a pretty good stock.  I've gotten sports bras for 2.50, shorts for $7.  Unless you are a marathoner or an athlete than needs special gear, bypass the Dick's Sporting Goods and head to TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

Bras/Underwear - I'll be honest, I've been known to frequent the 5 for $25 section in the front of Victoria's secret for underwear, but I have never and will never buy a $40 bra from there.  Those of you that know me know that I wasn't necessarily genetically blessed in the chest department, but I still like a good bra.  I've found some great bras at Target that last just as long and are actually more comfortable than Victoria's Secret.  Give it a try - you'll save yourself a lot of money!  Oh and recently, Forever 21 started making bras... and the convertible nude bra that I have is amazing/comfortable/CHEAP! ($4.80)

Jewelry - I have two really nice things that I have gotten as gifts from the boyfriend, but other than that, all of my jewelry comes from Forever 21.  I lose jewelry constantly, so I can't justify spending a lot on it.  I'd suggest buying your trendy pieces from Forever 21 because you won't be bummed if you think it's super ugly the next season if you only spent 6 dollars on it.  While writing this I decided to peruse the Forever 21 jewelry list for new stuff (they add new jewelry every week) and found two really pretty things:

 Lacquered Rose Petal Studs in Red, $1.80 (Comes in black, pink, purple, and blue too!)
These earrings are SO delicate and so cheap.  I would buy one in every color!

Filigree Bangle in Gold, $3.80
The cut-out detail is really nice and unusual.  A good find for less than 4 dollars.

What great deals have you found lately?


  1. Great tips! Those earings are so cute! I think Mom used to have a pair just like those.

  2. Awesome jewelry! Love it! I find great deals at the Banana Republic outlet. I got a cashmere sweater there last year for under $10. I, too, have gotten several pair of pants there for $10 and $15. They get some amazing deals!

  3. Love reading your deals and tips here Lauren and so refreshing that I am not the only one who buys less expensive jewelry because I lose it so easily! Good job Lauren ! (oh and about BR...yes I have gotten some slacks from the BR outlet in Grove City and their sales racks are usually pretty darn good:)