Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thrifty Thursday continues ....

Let's face it, a LOT of men don't know how to dress.  It's the sad, but honest truth.  I don't blame them, there isn't a lot of variety out there to get them excited about dressing themselves from day to day.  I wouldn't claim to know a lot about mens clothing, but I can say from experience, guys love to be comfortable in their clothing. So today, I present to you a comfortable (and luckily, pretty darn stylish!) outfit for the guys in our lives. 

I like this jacket because it looks comfortable but still has nice details that add some style to it.  I also dig the grey color, but it also comes in an olive green and a black, on sale for $39.50 at Old Navy.
Jersey Lined Military Jacket in Pavement

I can say that I am totally jealous of the shoe choices for men... mostly because none of them look painful.  I really like this Onitsuka Tiger sneaker from  It has a sort of retro feel to it, and I love the preppy colors.  It's not a super good bargain at $65, but it's definitely cheaper than a lot of sneakers out there for guys.
Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 in White, metallic, navy and yellow

I  like this bright white tee to contrast with the dark jacket and also bring out the bright white in the shoes.   It's a heavier weight cotton tee and it's only $12!
Sueded crew neck tee in Bright White

It can be quite a challenge for men to find a good pair of jeans, and I find that a lot of them can't justify spending $200 on the perfect pair...(oops, I have made this justification one too many times!)... so for the men, we're going back to the basics - LEVI'S!  Macy's is having a sale on some of their Levi's Brand jeans, and they honestly look just as good as the $100 jeans from other stores.  This pair is on sale for $36.99.
Levi's 527 Boot Cut in Rigid Broken

Hopefully the man in your life can find a way to fit this into his weekend casual wardrobe.  A little bit of style and a lot of comfort!

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