Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thirfty Thursday... Date Night

For this edition of Thrifty Thursday, I came across an awesome deal on a shift dress from Old Navy that is currently only $15!  What a steal.  I liked the black and grey equally, so I decided to do two outfits, depending on what type of date you are going on, or what type of dresser you consider yourself.  On the left, I put together an outfit for a more adventurous dresser... yeah, you'll see the purple suede booties below.... not for the faint at heart, but CUTE (especially when you find out where they're from).  And on the right, I chose a more conservative, romantic look.  No matter which you pick, I am sure your man will be drooling at the first sight of you.
Twill Shift Dress in Pavement $15 (limited time) and you can get 15% off today!

For the shoe options, with the black dress (we'll call this option #1), I love the purple suede booty below.  It is a big statement, but since it's paired with a black dress and other black/grey accessories, it works, because it isn't TOO much in one outfit.  For the grey dress, I love these Suede Peep Toe shoes - and both pairs are from PAYLESS! Can you believe it?

 Left:  Sasha Booty in Purple for $34.99
Right: Koture Ruffle Peep Toe in Black for $24.99

I picked the accessories below because they would work with both outfits.  I like the black belt to cinch the waist of both dresses,  since the traditional shift dress doesnt have much shape through the middle.  I also like the thinness of the belt because it gives you a figure but doesn't attract too much attention, since this isn't the focal point of the outfit. I picked the earrings just because I thought they were pretty.... a little bit of shimmer but not gawdy, simple as that.

Left: Drop Earrings from Forever 21 for $9.80
Right:  Faux Leather Skinny Belt in Black, $2.50

For the black dress + booties, I'd like to pair it with slightly see-through grey tights.  The grey will create a good buffer between the black and the purple, and keep you warm!
3-pack of tights from Forever 21 in Medium Gray, $4.50

Lastly, something to keep your sholders warm in these cool fall months: The pashmina on the left in Charcoal from Target for $19.99 would play off the grey of the tights in Outfit #1 and also give a little contrast up top to the black shift.... although I wouldn't suggest wearing it the way the model below is wearing it.. I think it would look better if she took those long edges and "flung" (if you will) them over the opposite shoulder to create more of a cocoon.
For dress option #2, I like the  pop of color near the face while incorporating the grey from the dress.  This magenta colored scarf is really delicate and pretty.

Left - Pacific Pashmina Wrap With Bamboo Box - Charcoal, Target, $19.99
Right - Two Tone Printed Scarf in pink, Old Navy $12.50 (+ add'l 15% off today)

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