Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thirfty Thursday - Hot Night Out

I've been doing a lot of casual looks lately, so this week's edition of Thrifty Thursday, I wanted to Glam it Up.  The entire outfit this week is from Forever 21 - they are definitely a "go-to" store for clothes to go out in because you won't be crushed if someone spills a drink on you, or if you smell like a smoky bar at the end of the night.  Might be a little dressy for Cincinnati, but if I was going out on a Friday in a bigger city, you can bet your butt I'd be wearing the cute little number below.  I would tuck the silk tunic (Yes, it is REAL silk from Forever21) into the cute skirt.  Glam it up a little with the rhinestone chain.  I love the zipper detail on the clutch, and it also comes with a long chain in case you want to wear it on your shoulder.  The suede heels top off the outfit - they are an interesting design and look really good for $27.  Although... I might plan ahead and grab some Dr. Scholl's blister bandaids before heading out (they are the best thing that ever happened to a woman with a love for high heels)... price and comfort are usually somewhat correlated when it comes to shoes.
Night Out
Items in this set:
Silk Trapeze Tunic, $19.80
Fan Chiffon Bubble Skirt: $10.50
Convertible Zipper Clutch: $18.80
Pleated Wrap Platform: $26.80
Rhinestone Wrapped Chain: $11.80

Total cost of outfit: $87.70... even cheaper if you already have a pair of cute black shoes or a black clutch!


  1. Love it all....but that beautiful pop of green is especially gorge!

  2. I agree with Crystal! Beautiful and budget friendly!

  3. Wow! Beautiful and achievable - my kind of outfit! Love your style. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks, girls! I might have to purchase it for myself... and then find a place to wear it :)