Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thrifty Thursday - Knits galore

So, a few weeks ago I was watching The City (I know.. I am kind of embarrassed... but in my defense, I watch to drool over all of their beautiful ensembles!... and maybe a little for the drama) and Whitney was wearing this gorgeous sweater dress with a cable knit "seam" along the arms and shoulders.  It was awesome - and I bet pretty expensive, but that over exaggerated cable-knit was my inspiration for today's Thrifty Thursday. 

 I first went searching for a piece that mimicked the knit I saw on the show.  The sweater below had the same sort of feel that Whitney's dress did, but in a cute sweater/vest.  To neutralize, I decided to put a cream colored turtleneck underneath, because you can't tell, but the skinny corduroy pants I chose are a deep purple color (so rich and expensive looking).  I found these super cute, and inexpensive cuffed boots from Target in a color similar to the sweater, which helps to mend the outfit together.  Since most of the outfit is pretty neutral, I added some touches of warm color in the charm necklace.  It has deep oranges, yellows, and greens in it.  Lastly, I topped the outfit off with another knit - a cute little knit "beret" hat, also in cream.  I would imagine wearing it with hair down in loose waves - a little bit of a bohemian look.

This outfit is perfect a perfect daytime look when you want to look a bit more dressed up.  The boots help with the "dressier" feel, but you could also wear this look with a warm colored flat. 

Thrifty Thursday 11/12/09
Items in this set:
Cable Trim Sweater Cardigan, $22.80, Forever21
Merona® Long Sleeve Turtleneck - Polar Bear, $12.99, Target
Skinny Leg Corduroys in Deep Purple, $15.80, Forever 21
Women's Mossimo® Kahsha Tall Cuffed Boots - Mushroom, $29.99, Target
Truly Charmed Chain, $5.80, Forever21
Spiral Crochet Beret, $6.90, Forever21  
Total Cost of Outfit: $94.28

Happy Almost-Friday!


  1. Oh my I am in love with this...even a mommy of a toddler, like me, could wear this...minus the high boots of course ;-)