Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thrifty Thursday Thanksgiving Edition

Hi you guys!  Happy Turkey day to you all.  I hope you are preparing your bellies for feasts of mashed potatoes (my personal fave) and canned cranberries.  Today's thrifty Thursday brings together the colors of fall and thanksgiving in a chic, affordable option.  You'll have to forgive me because I am using the boyf's Macbook and can't get Polyvore to work for me, so I'll be showing you the outfit piece by piece today... and also, sorry for the delay in posts... I've really been enjoying my time off from work and haven't been near a computer much, but don't worry, I will be back next week with tons of new ideas.

Okay, first up is the skirt - this cranberry-reddish color is so pretty and it is from Forever 21's "Love21" line, which they say offers a more modest fit, and which is code for "doesn't make you look like a cheap hooker"
Forever 21 Satin Pleated Skirt - $22.80

You could probably pair this skirt with a couple of colors, but I like a cream colored blouse the best, so that the skirt is the punch of color in the outfit.  The shirt below has a little romanticism in the small ruffles, and doesn't overpower the skirt.
Ruffled Sateen Blouse in Marshmallow, $24.50,

In order to give the outfit a little sparkle, I would add a fun shoe - you could wear a heel or a flat, but since most Thanksgivings that I attend aren't too dressy, I picked a flat for today.  This particular flat is a little wild (Lizard Print!?) but since it is a pretty bronze color and a flat - it isn't too flashy - perfect to give this outfit a little pizzazz.
Lizard Print Flat in Gold - $24.50,

For accessories, I would keep it simple with some complementary cream and gold bracelets.  I like pairing these bracelets from Forever21.  The cream colored bangle has a bit of an antique feel to it, and I would use the other two bracelents to give it a little more substance.
Faceted Accent Bagle $6.80, Mara Bracelet Set $4.80

Total Cost of Outfit: $83.40
Hope you guys all have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends! 

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  1. Beautiful choices...I might have to grab one of those more "modest" skirts ;-) So cute!