Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thrifty Thursday - Heidi Merrick Edition

I got an email today alerting me that Heidi Merrick was having an online sale, so I decided to stop on over to see what was left - unfortunately, not much.  However, I did see that she has a bunch of pieces in this pretty green, black, and white Ikat print.  At full price, these pieces can range from 300-830 dollars - this particlar skirt retailed for $315 (gasp... I swear, I am getting to the thrifty part)  but is now on sale for $75!

Score! Until I realized that there are only two sizes left, neither of which are my size...(and as I am writing this post I went back to check the sale... almost everything is sold out!) but have no fear thrifters... I did a little more research and found out that Heidi designed a very similar version of this skirt and it is for sale on for $55!!!  If you enjoy designer styles but your pocketbook does not - this is really a steal.  I know it is not as super cheap as my usual Thrifty Thursdays, but it is an 83% discount off of the original retail price on Heidi's site .. sure, the target version looks slightly different... but I'd almost argue that I like it more because it is a little bit more fun than the longer 'stepford' design above.

Heidi Merrick Target

I put together two outfits because this skirt is really versatile and I wanted to show how it could be dressed up or down and for summer or a cooler month of the year.  On the left I paired it with a casual pocket tank, a pretty and delicate locket necklace, and some simple strappy white sandals.  I added a wide braided belt to pick up the black in the skirt and give a little more interest to the outfit.  The addition of a camel colored bag gives the outfit a more relaxed vibe by still "going" with the outfit, but not being too matchy. 

 On the right, I paired it with a simple scoop neck tee that has a bit of embellishment in the back in the form of an external zipper.  I added some sparkle with a knotted silver necklace and the rhinestone studded clutch - and since all the pieces in the look are black except for the skirt, these sparkly accessories aren't overwhelming.  I added some black tights (sorry about the strange white spots - they should look opaque) and a pair of sleek black booties to top it off. 

Items featured above:
Heidi Merrick Skirt - $54.99,
White Pocket Tank - $4.99,
Locket Lavaliere - $5.80,
Sandals - R2 Gemma in White- $25,
Wide Braided Belt - $10.80,
Side handle Leatherette Tote - $26.99,
Total: $128.57

Heidi Merrick Skirt - $54.99,
Zipper Back Top - $8.80,
Chaz Suede Ankle Boot - $24.80,
Opaque Tights - $5.80,
Rhinestone Studded Clutch - $9.80,
Knotted Rope Necklace - $6.80,
Total: $110.99

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