Thursday, November 5, 2009

What I am wearing....

Taking a break from the Thrifty Thursday today - I wanted to give you a glimpse into what I am wearing because it is a good example of how you can make a piece work in two totally different settings.  I bought a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding this weekend, and decided last night that it could definitely be work approproiate if I threw a little khaki blazer over top.  As I was putting on my outfit this morning, I had my doubts... "is this too risque for work?  Ah.... screw it, I'll pretend I work somewhere fashionable today!"  So here's what I put together today:

The dress is from Gap - they were running a 20% off promotion a few weeks ago, so it is regularly $69.50 but I got it for $55.60.  It has an underlayer of fabric, so it feels pretty substantial when you put it on.  I love the length, it is perfect - not too long and not too short.
Tiered Silk Dress in True Navy - - $69.50

Next, I put a slim fit Khaki blazer over top - I like how the structured blazer looks with the frilly, lightweight dress.  It adds a nice contrast, and also makes the dress more subdued and "work appropriate".  I couldn't find the exact blazer that I am wearing today from Banana, but here is a similar piece from J. Crew:
Butterscotch Wool Flannel Blazer, - $178

I knew that showing as much leg as our model featured above in the dress might be a little much for my corporate environment, and it is getting pretty chilly here lately, so I decided to pair the dress with a pair of brown tights from Old Navy that I bought last week.  I really like the tights with the dress because the dress can look black in some lights, but when paired with the brown in the tights, the navy comes out a lot stronger.
Women's Solid Tights in Brown - - $6.50

I debated over my shoe preference for a solid 10 minutes, clomping all over my apartment thus making me late for work and probably waking up and infuriating my downstairs neighbors.  I was debating between a simple rounded toe brown pump, and my faaaavorite pair of tortoise shell t-strap peep toe shoes that I bought 2 years ago from Nine West.  Since the brown in the first shoe option slightly clashed with the brown of the tight, I went with the tortoise shell shoe.  Wearing a tight with a peep toe shoe is ver acceptable these days.  I can't find a picture of my exact shoes, but here is a pretty close representation:
Tortoise Shell Peep Toe,, $228

Last but not least, some jewelry to glam it up.  I went with my four strand gold/pearl necklace today because it brought some attention up to my face and the colors worked well with the navy and brown in the rest of the outfit.  I again can't find an exact replica, but this necklace is pretty darn close.  I think the chain looks silver in this picture, but it is supposed to be gold (mine is too).
Whisper Faux Pearl Necklace,, $4.80

I can't forget the last accessory, and the best purchase I ever made (after my one year anniversary at my company, I took the LV plunge).  I know, I know... It's a big investment, but I will never be sorry that I bought this - it goes with EVERYTHING (I tell myself that even when I am wearing crappy sneakers and a VT sweatshirt).  I love and it is the perfect accessory to this outfit.

Speedy 35 in Damier Canvas, Louis Vuitton

Hope this gives you some inspration to glam it up during your dull work week!

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