Friday, November 27, 2009

Party Season

With Thanksgiving passing, the holiday season is in full swing, which means holiday parties for work, holiday parties with friends, family parties, new years, and the list goes on!  Tons of opportunities for dressing up and adding a little glitz to your outfits.  I found this beautiful blue satin dress on Piperlime and knew it could be beautiful for the holidays.  Beware, this outfit is a little pricier than some of my normal looks, but all of the pieces in this outfit could be used in so many ways if you did decide to splurge; but you could also find budget pieces in place of the shoes, jewelry, and clutch that look very similar to what I picked if you need to make this a more affordable option for your December events.

Cuffed Dress

I picked the silver beaded belt to cinch the waist of this dress, because don't get me wrong, I love a flowy dress, but sometimes it is nice to show off your figure.  You could wear this dress either way and i would look great, but if you feel like accessorizing this look a little more, the belt is an awesome piece. The shoes are ahhhhh-mazing.  The rosette is the same color as the bootie, so it doesn't stand out too much, which I like since there is already a lot going on in the belt.  The booties just give the outfit a bit of "cutesy".  I love the toughness of the studded bracelet in contrast with the romantic shoes - like I said before, they work together because nothing sticks out too much that it attracts attention away from the cohesive look.  It's fun to pay with different fabric (suede shoes, metal cuff, beaded belt) and different looks, if you keep them in a similar color palate.  The Lauren Merkin clutch is awesome,  I have been eyeing them up for a while now but haven't decided to purchase one yet.  Her clutches come in a few different shapes and a ton of colors and materials.  I like this Louise Clutch in shiny silver. Hope this gives you some ideas to glam up your outfits for this holiday season!  (Let the Christmas music begin!!!!) 

Items Listed Above:
Betsey Johnson Kilburn at $229 -
Delightful Dazzlers Jet Drops Earrings $12 -
Women's AE Tights - Black $13 -
Women's apparel: Shiny Satin Tie Neck Dress: Dresses
Piperlime $78 -
Lauren Merkin - Silver Metallic Lambskin Louise $200 -
Gunmetal & Crystal Cuff - Kenneth Jay Lane $188 - (this is definitely one of those pieces you can find a substitute for unless you have a full wallet!!)
ASOS ASOS Premium Hand Beaded Deco Waist Belt at ASOS $46 -

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