Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beach Bum

How do you feel about jean shorts?  They're a bit of a touchy subject with me, because there are so many possibilities for wrong-doing with a pair of jean shorts (and the commonly-used term "jorts" doesn't sound too glamorous either).  Too short, too tight, too light, too ripped..... I could go on.  If you're fortunate enough to have the legs to pull off a pair of jean shorts this summer, here's an inspiration to keep it classy:

Shorts, if styled the wrong way, can leave you leaving too little to the imagination by showing too much skin.  If you're going to wear a sassy pair of shorts, balance the look by pairing it with a more covered up shirt.  This silk and cotton "jade" colored shirt is perfect for summertime because it is lightweight, so you won't be sweating to death the moment you walk out of air-conditioned luxury.  With the addition of this navajo-patterned scarf and the gold bangles from Forever21, you've got a look that is sure to turn heads - for all of the right reasons.

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