Friday, May 20, 2011

Mixing It Up

As my wardrobe continues to expand, I still find myself saying, “I have nothing to wear”. It makes no sense, I have tons of clothes, shoes, and accessories (sidenote: Joe counted my shoes the other day – I’ll spare you the details {I am sorry but slippers do NOT count}, but even I was surprised at the final number). I’ve been reflecting on why I continue to feel like my wardrobe is lacking, and I think I’ve finally honed in on the main reason. I tend to stick to one genre when styling a look for myself; if I am wearing one feminine piece, then the entire outfit will be “girly”. This method ends up severely limiting my wardrobe and my creativity. It’s time to break out of the imaginary boxes I’ve created for the pieces in my wardrobe and start mixing things up.

Today’s look is an example of baby steps into my journey to mix it up in my wardrobe.

Here, I have paired feminine pieces (flowy pink skirt, white lace tank, and a pale blue soft cardigan) with two "rougher" leather accessories (the belt and the wedges). Then, in order to bridge the gap between the two categories, I picked a few accessories that are a bit dainty, but not overly feminine. I chose a nude polish for the nails (whereas normally I probably would have chosen a light pink). 
Try to experiment by putting pieces together in one outfit that you normally wouldn’t mix. You might be surprised with how the items in your closet seem to have magically multiplied.


  1. These pieces are adorable and I can see you younger ladies in them.What I would really love though,is if you could sometime maybe find outfits that are super casual yet "chic" for the over forty crowd. I fight dressing to much like an old lady and yet staying away from to young looking. It is really a struggle for me to come up with outfits that fit my age category without having that "over the hill" look. Also I just can't do the high heels anymore but also can't do super flat ones either. So, as a result I end up wearing the same old same old...I think I need help !!
    Like seeing the outfits though,super cute !

  2. Lauren, don't worry yet! My mom is an executive in NYC and we counted her shoes once and she had 28 pairs of black heels. Just black, not counting the rest of her shoes. Shoes are the most important part of the outfit!

  3. Lauren! While pining for the perfect outfit for a baby shower I'm hosting next weekend, I found my way to your blog and *literally* just bought this entire outfit(skirt, shoes, top, and earrings!) ....3/4 are on sale! Amaze. Love what you are doing here in your little space of the internet. Congrats and keep the stylizing coming:)

  4. Sarah! Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so glad you found something you liked here. I keep learning and growing as a stylist, so more to come from me! Xoxo