Thursday, May 19, 2011

Go Grease Lightning

As you probably noticed, the beach is on my brain. The dull, gloomy, depressing gray weather continues in Cincinnati and I have set my sights on sunnier, warmer places.

As soon as I saw these shorts from Anthropologie, I knew I needed to put together an outfit that showcases them.  These shorts take me to a "Grease" time period where the women were starting to dress to show their bodies, but still maintained a level of modesty. I channeled Rizzo as best as I could (she was always my favorite – a hard, no-nonsense exterior but a bit of a softy underneath it all) and put together this retro-inspired look.


  1. Love this look! Anything with a retro twist catches my eye. I'd like one of each piece, please.

  2. How did I miss this?! I LOVE it!!!!!! Every single thing about it!