Thursday, May 5, 2011

Paging Dr. C

So my brother, Chris, is kind of a big deal.  I'm not really the bragging type, but when it comes to my family, I'll brag away.  I've got a brain for a brother, and he is currently in medical school at Emory (the second part of his MD/PhD program).  His research focus is "development of microelectronic acoustic wave arrayable biosensors for molecular diagnostics and cancer screening" .... Say What!?  

Okay, okay, back to the language that you and I speak: Fashion

Chris called me this week and asked if I could help him come up with some shirt, shoe, and tie combinations for his upcoming residency interviews.  He requested that I not hold back in terms of mixing colors and patterns because he wants to show some personality and not be just another "suit" in the slew of interviews.   He recently purchased this charcoal gray suit below:

I came up with four different looks that could easily be paired with this slim-cut, sharp suit.  I decided to do two "conservative" looks, as well as two looks that were more unique.  
Chris Look 2

Chris Look 1
So, which would you choose, and why?


  1. Yes! I love them all. Both classic and refined combos are right down my alley for these interviews. I think I will try to pick up both and see how they look! Thanks sis!

  2. LOOOOOOVE the pink shirt and grey tie!! Perfect!

  3. I would highly recommend Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Dress Shirts, they are a little pricey but totally worth the investment and time saved not ironing! Gabe is able to get a corporate discount from his work, they showed me the list of companies they give discounts too and its huge! I think you can get a discount if you buy 3 at a time too.

  4. Love the pink shirt and grey tie as well!!

  5. Did our brother just name himself "Cornelius"?

    Anyways....I love all of these combos! I think I like the white shirt with navy polka dot tie the best for interviewing. I think "Cornelius" would look best in the pink gingham shirt and grey tie.

    Great job and may I say how proud I am to be a part of this family.

  6. I personally like the "outside the box" outfits but hey, I like to see a guy "go out on a limb". At any rate, you have the right to brag,it is so awesome and I would be proud as well ! As for the ..."development of microelectronic acoustic wave arrayable biosensors for molecular diagnostics and cancer screening", say what is right !! haha. Congrats and let us know what he thinks of the outfits !!

  7. Thanks everyone! I think he is going to go with both of the "Classic" looks. I suppose they may be a bit more appropriate for residency interviews, and they're not BORING, so he will still stand out :) Thanks for all of the insight!

    @ Jack's Mama - the Brooks Brothers Wrinkle-Free are the most amazing shirts, I agree. Joe has quite a few of them and they are the best quality and really are wrinkle free!