Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Icey Blue

Hi guys! I have seen a lot of ice blue lately and found this beautiful long cardigan at J. Crew that I love and wanted to share with you all. I think it is a color that could complement both dark and fair skin types, and blondes, brunettes, and red heads alike.  This sweater is good for all body types, because if you have some imperfections around the midsection, the sweater helps hide that, and because of the length, it helps elongate the body - especially when paired with a matchstick pant. 

I found this visually interesting necklace from Anthropologie - which I like because it has a variety of colors in it, so it can go with a lot of outfits.  I really like the punch of yellow at the tip of the necklace.

I paired the sweater with some black denim matchstick pants from J. Crew - these work well with the sweater because, as I mentioned above, it carries on the elongating effect that the sweater has.  I added a beautiful metallic leather bag, also from J. Crew, to give a little sheen to the otherwise cotton/flat fabric outfit.  I found a pair of nude (patent) heels to blend with the outfit - I like how they aren't very noticeable at first glance, but create a good contrast in the outfit at the same time since they're up against the black pant.  This pair of shoes would be very versatile in your wardrobe. 

Items in this set:
Corwin Sweater, JCrew.com, $90
Overdyed black denim matchstick jean - JCrew.com, $98
Trinitie Shoe, Steve Madden, Zappos.com, $90
Small metallic Georgie satchel - JCrew.com,  $258
Chamomile Necklace, Anthropologie.com, $48


  1. Okay, so it turns out, I seriously need to hit the lottery because I am in looove with this outfit! Everything about it! The sweater, the shoes, the necklace, the bag....LOVE!

  2. If anyone wants to buy this sweater there is a J Crew promo ending tonight for 20% off if you put HOLIDAY in when checking out as a coupon code!