Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

Well... it sure is cold outside for those of you blessed with the 20 + inches of snow over the weekend!  So, I told you all yesterday about how I am moving to Prague in a few weeks, and I have been thinking about/dreading the bitter cold that I will have to face, and since I know some of you are facing that right now, here is a layered and warm look, while still looking cute (even if you are sort of "marshmellow" looking - it is still possible to look cute!)
Cold Weather

The North Face coat is intense, but like I said in one of my original posts, if you live in a climate that necessitates a huge down coat, for the love of your body, get one with a belt to give you a figure!  The gold color of this coat makes it seem a little more "pretty" than just practical, too.  I found these adorable houndstooth rainboots and figured they'd be perfect for the slushy mess that awaits you once the snow starts to melt.  The outfit is a simple pair of jeans that can easily be tucked into the boots, paired with a cute and bright coral sweater with a simple brown top underneath - layers are crucial in the winter months because you can easily adapt to the indoor/outdoor temps.  I found some cute coral beaded earrings and a simple gold bracelet to top it off.  The piece de resistance, however, are the rollable (!!!) ballet flats that you can toss into your purse and switch into once you get safely to your destination!  No need to clomp around in your wet boots, just whip out your cute little wristlet that safely houses a pair of awesome goldish flats - seriously people, this is quite the invention.  This pair is a $29 well spent - these are also good for a wedding, or a night out with friends when you know your new killer high heels will literally be killer to your feet by the end of the night.

Items in this set:
Isotoner Stretch Leather Glove - Brown : Target, $18 -
Single Crochet Beret, $5.80 -
THE NORTH FACE Women's Caroline Coat, $299,
Houndstooth boots - Rsvp Aster, $64 -
 Hailey Crossbody Bag in Mahogany,, $298
Women's Perfect Cardigans, $20,
Women's Surplice V-Neck Tops, $17,
Junior's Slouch Straight 504™ Jeans - Show Stopper, $35,
Spare Soles Metro Line Foldable Flats, $29,
Polished Hinge Bangle$6.80,
Stone bead hoop earrings, $2.80,

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  1. Very cute coat! Will you be buying it for Prague?

    And I love th cardigan!