Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend Trip

I was thinking about packing for the trip we're going on next weekend and realized that I don't want to pay for checking a bag, so I should probably try to consolidate and just use a carry on - but this poses a problem:  How can I ever fit all of the things I want to wear into a tiny carry on bag?  I mean come on.. for a weekend I need at least 4 pairs of shoes, right!?  I am assuming everyone has this problem, so if you do, I can help you deal with this.  Plan your outfits ahead of time in order to be able to use the same pieces in multiple outfits to cut back on the number of items you need to bring.  I put together outfits for an entire weekend, from Friday daytime to your return trip on Sunday.  I carried the same pair of jeans throughout 4 of the outfits, and only brought 2 pairs of shoes - this cuts back a TON on the space needed in your suitcase.  Shoes are awkwardly shaped and can't be rolled up and shoved into the last tiny corner of your suitcase, so opting for the least amount of them is a good (albeit unfortunate) idea.  I also found one large purse and one smaller clutch.  The purse can be your "personal item" on the plane, so you don't have to make space to pack it in your luggage.
Weekend Trip

I am always cold in airports and on planes, so I am going to assume you are too.  I think its a good idea to wear a long sleeved tee and pants and bring a sweater so you can put it on or take it off, depending on the temperature.  The pants are a personal preference because one time, I made the decision to wear a long skirt to the airport... which happened to be the same day I was "randomly" chosen to go through the extra security with the frisking, the whole nine yards.  Luckily they had a female TSA agent there, but needless to say I won't make the mistake of wearing a skirt to the airport ever again.  The flats for the weekend are a good neutral so they easily go with all of the shirts I picked for the casual days (Friday day, Saturday day, and Sunday day).  I picked a beautiful coral colored sweater for Saturday daytime - good for a casual outing (shopping, lunch with friends, etc) and a neutral v neck sweater with a pretty green floral scarf for Sunday. 

I picked two "going-out" outfits for Friday and Saturday nights, carrying the same black booties through each outfit.  For Friday night I chose a more casual look, using the same jeans from the other weekend looks.  I found a super cute top from Forever21 with a pretty embroidered pattern on it, and a black clutch with gold detail from Aldo to give the look a dressier feel.  For Saturday night, I went a little dressier with this GORGEOUS blue drawstring dress.  I would pair this dress with black tights similar to how they dressed the model for the photo and the same shoes & clutch from Friday night.  The necklace is a gold knotted strand necklace from Forever 21.  You could also pack a few gold accessories to go with multiple outfits, like the following pieces:

For an entire weeked, you can get by on a small amount of items, as long as you plan ahead! 
Items in this set:
Women's Roll-Sleeve Henleys in Heather Oatmeal, $12,
Covered in Cables Cardi in Dark Yellow, $88,
Kelly Boot Cut Jeans - Citizens of Humanity, $150,
Merona® Madalena Suede Ballet Flats in Taupe, $20 -
Bargerstock purse, $45,
Leaf Silk Woven Top, $27.80,
Toyoshima Clutch, $30,
Steven Brant booties, $129,
Asymmetrical chiffon bow pullover in Sweet Papaya, $78,
Silk drawstring dress, $110,
Knotted Rope Necklace, $6.80,
Women's Perfect V-Neck Sweaters in Earthly, $23,

Women's Print Scarves in Green Floral, $13,
Weathered Stone Ring, $6.80,
Multi Chain Magnet Bracelet, $6.80,

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