Thursday, December 3, 2009

Comfy (and thrifty!) Thursday

I know there are days when you really just want to wear sweats out of the house, but you don't want to feel ugly.... I have those same conflicting feelings almost every weekend, but you can be very comfortable while still looking cute, and for a low cost :)  Today I found this really pretty knit swing coat - I picked it because I was trying to find a "stylish" sweatshirt, and stumbled upon this.  It's a pretty good representation of what I was picturing as a stylish sweatshirt, since it is the same knit cotton that a sweatshirt is made out of... but it is wayyyyy cuter than a sweatshirt! 
Comfy Weekend

I love the purple, it's a nice bright color when you're feeling drab.  It's a good style because if you're having a chubby day (and we know that every one has their chubby days), you can hide your stomach a bit, but still look really cute.  I paired the coat with a black flowy top from old navy underneath, in case you want to take the coat off, and it still allows the same comfort as the coat.  I found a nice pair of dark, affordable jeans from Old Navy, on sale now for $25.  The dark color is perfect - I am a big proponent of dark jeans because I think they make outfits look more expensive and dressy.  I found this pair of black and white tweed flats from Payless, at $16.99 I think these are a total steal.  Since the coat has 3/4 length sleeves, you might want some long gloves to keep the rest of your arms + your hands warm.  This pair has a nice knitted design and blends well with the rest of the outfit.  Lastly, to keep the look playful and add an interesting element, I found this really cool black mesh rosette headband.  I think this would actually be comfortable - I have  a problem wearing headbands, my sister and I actually discussed this today.  I can't wear them because the edges always dig into my head (ouch) and she can't wear them because her glasses don't quite fit over them - well problems solved, my friends, in the form of a cute mesh headband.  Enjoy this casual comfy outfit!

Items in this set:

Women's Roll-Sleeve Henleys - Black Jack,, $12
Loop Button Swing Coat,, $22.80
Women's The Flirt Flared Jeans - Rinse,, $25
Predictions - Boucle Fiona Ballet Flat,, $16.99
Merona® Long Gloves With Button - Black : Target, $10.99
Mesh Rosette Headwrap,, $3.80


  1. ARGH!!!! ANOTHER ONE!!!!! Love this, Lauren!

  2. I think I see this outfit under my tree for Christmas ;-)

  3. Ohhh this could be my fav yet !! Jeans and I get along soooo well. Love the jacket, love it all. This is me...a no fuss kind of lady !! I give this one an A + :)